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Most of us like to get paid for the product or services we provide quickly!


Payumoney Payment Gateway offers free registration: http://bit.ly/2k4RDY2


In the end, it’s our hard-earned cash or money, which assists us in keeping a healthy cash flow for additional expansion in the Company. Collecting Payments quickly and maintaining a track of these payments manually might be a cumbersome process in addition to important day to day activities we do, particularly if you’re a small or medium-sized company managing everything on your own.   


You must have come across with many different payment gateway solution firms who must have requested to build your Company’s website and incorporate their payment gateway to begin collecting money online. Payu or Payumoney Payment Gateway, being the best payment solution provider’s lot of features which are unique and best available in the market. We understand it takes time to build a website and make it functional! And honestly, you don’t have to build a website just for the sake of collecting online payments. You can easily collect online payments from your customers with Payumoney payment gateway, in just these three simple steps:  


Step 1: Create your account in Payu Payumoney payment gateway

Step 2: Share link with customers via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email or SMS 

Step 3: Get paid directly into your bank account 


Refer to this YouTube Video for Demo:


Payu or Payumoney offers Free Registrationhttp://bit.ly/2k4RDY2

Payu or Payumoney Website: https://www.payumoney.com

Payu or Payumoney Login URLhttps://onboarding.payumoney.com/app/account

Payu or Payumoney Mobile App: https://register.payumoney.com/download_payu_app


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