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What is 5G | Everything You Need to Know About 5G | FAQ

Tanushka Bansal

5G is the 5th generation network, the next step beyond 4G. It has faster speeds, more bandwidth, and a wider range than previous networks. 5G the wireless technology is meant to deliver higher data speeds, it will expand the mobile ecosystem into new realms. It helps for safer transportation, global growth, faster mobile speeds, increased signal coverage, healthcare and agriculture.


There are several new mobile phones available that are designed to support 5G, it has been deployed in 35 countries and counting.. 5G is used in Enhanced mobile broadband to make our smartphones better, Mission-critical communications to enable new services that can transform industries and Massive IoT to connect a massive number of embedded sensors. The first country which adopted 5G was South Korea, in April 2019. Experts have said that 5G is an investment for the next decade, we've noticed most of the big changes that are happening after the first announcement. There are three main kinds of 5G that are low-band, mid-band, and high-band. The US has put its bet on low and high - bands. That seems mid - band is the best way.

5G carries more options in the terms of 4G have. 5G networks use a type of encoding called OFDM, that is the same as the encoding that 4G LTE uses. 5G is now "nationwide," which carries different types of approaches to it, in which we are going to have different experiences in different places. Apple has now launched 5G iPhones series in which 5G is completely available in it.

Millimeter Waves, Small Cells, Massive MIMO, Beamforming and Full-Duplex are the brand new technologies emerging as the foundation of 5G. It not only means faster mobile internet but also can maintain internet connectivity in many more objects that you can see today. The car and the house are the two biggest loT revolution which is now coming ahead, they both are supported by 5G networks also 5G satellite communication is directly connected from the sky of the device which will soon be the reality. The experts have said that the 5G security will be stronger than the comparison of 4G security. Its connectivity promises to break traditional ideas of data delivery by providing network connectivity virtually everywhere. The fastest 5G networks are 10 times faster than 4G LTE, according to the wireless industry trade group GSMA but the experts have said that it would be 100 times faster than the before networks.

5G orders higher broadband speed than 4G, its low latency levels achieve the fastest download and the internet speeds. When we have to download a movie in the previous networks it takes more than 2 hours to download but now in 5G can you imagine downloading a video fewer in 10 seconds,  the live video sharing will become a whole new mesmerizing experience for us.  We will be able to share our live video while interacting with friends who are watching you. Video chats will become more interactive too,  The video service and social applications, for example, WeChat, Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter, have changed our life very much with the capabilities of LTE, and with the help of 5G’s high data rate and low latency we can be more connected. In conclusion, 5G will lead to being one of the biggest technology which transforms our lifetime, with unlimited possibilities not only will transform our lives, but it will also help to save optimized emergency services and the increasing number of car accidents. This new network holds the key to the faster load technologies This new industry level will change everything.



Authored By Tanushka Bansal

Tanushka Bansal is young and Energetic Blogger / Vlogger. Believe it or not, writing is the least of her skills. She is great at understanding target markets and audiences - the things that everyone cares about and that motivate us to take actions. She is expert in crafting messaging strategies that connect and drive behavior. She is killer at editing out all the extra information given to her and throwing that information to prospects so that there is a clear and concise branding experience. This not only helps generating Leads but to conclude them into sales.

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2020/11/19 02:17 PM

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2020/11/19 08:05 AM

Really Nice blog written by Tanushka. Keep up your good work..