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Compatibility Testing.



Compatibility Testing is a type of software testing to ensure whether your software is capable of running on various hardware, operating systems, applications, websites, webpages , network milieu or mobile devices. The other term which can be used for compatibility testing is "Non functional testing".

Various types of "Compatibility tests" :

  • Hardware:

    It keeps a verification on whether software to be built is compatible with various hardware configurations to be used.

  • Operating systems:

    It keeps a regular verification on whether your software is compatible with different operative system like windows,Unix,Mac OS etc.

  • Software:

    It tests whether the software made by the developer is compatible with other software. For example : Ms word should be compatible enough with other software like Ms outlook,Ms Excel,VBA etc.

  • Network:

    This method mainly refers to the evaluation and validation of performance and efficiency of a system jn a network with various parameters such as Bandwidth, Operating speed, capacity. It also keeps a check on applications with various parameters i.e Bandwidth, operating, speed etc.

  • Browser:

    It tests the compatibility of your respective business websites with plethora of Browsers like Google, chrome, firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

  • Devices:

    It is mainly employed for testing compatibility of your software with various like USB Port devices like printer, scanners, pen drive,blue tooth etc.

  • Mobile:

    It tests whether your software is compatible with plethora of mobile devices like Android , iOS etc.

  • Versions of the software

    It mainly checks whether your software applications are compatible with different versions of software. Let's take an example of Microsoft soft whether it is compatible with windows 7, windows 7SP1, windows 7SP2, windows 7SP3.

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Types of " Compatibility Testing" :

  • Backward Compatibility Testing :

    It is technique and methodology used for verification of the behaviour and compatibility of the developed hardware or software with their older versions of the developed hardware or software. This type of testing is much predictable and obvious as the errors and defects from the hitherto verisons are already known and acknowledged.

  • Forward Compatibility Testing :

    It is a procedure used for the verification of the behaviour and compatibility of the already developed hardware or software with the newer versions of the hardware or software built . Forward compatibility is quite tough to anticipate as the changes that will be present in the newly built versions are unclear and anonymous.

Tools employed for "Compatibility Testing" :

  • Browser Compatibility Testing :

    This tool is really beneficial and helpful for a software developer to check application in various browsers.

  • Virtual Desktops :

    "Operating system compatibility" : This is used to run the applications over a set of plethora of operating platforms as 'Virtual Machine'. 'n' number of systems can be connected,joined and hence results can be compared and evaluated.

Procedure to conduct compatibility testing :

  • 1) The first foremost stage of compatibility testing is to define the number of platforms on which the application would be implemented to work on.

  • 2) In case you come across the bugs, Please report it immediately to the software developer. Fix the defects and errors you come across. You can repeat the test to confirm the set of defects fixations again and again.

  • 3) The tester or software developer employed should have enough knowledge of the platforms/Software/hardware to process the outcomes of the expected application behaviour and efficiency with various orientations and configurations.

  • 4) The environment which has been used for testing with multiple platforms , devices, networks to check whether your application runs perfectly and smoothly under different configurations.

Few of the most observed compatibility testing defects :

  • Variations in the user interface with observation to style,looks,feel and layouts .

  • changes with respect to font size, alignment, width, contrast, issues.

  • Highly marked changes is CSS style and colour , issues related to scroll bar.

  • Also, presence of broken tables and frames.

The most effective and recommend use of compatibility testing isnto ensure whether built software works effectively with various configurations. This testing is inevitable to check whether the application is compatible with the clients environment or not.
Finally it is true that the end user might test the developed product in multiple platforms or any other characteristic and surprisingly they may find bugs, defects in the application which is not a hot pick interns of quality. To lessen the effects bof such commercial issues and in order to release quality products, hence the need to to test applications on all platforms arises. Thus compatibility testing plays a quintessential role in testing applications.

Tritan uses comprehensive compatibility Testing services that are relevant across various operating systems , browsers, database, hardware, software, configurations,devices etc. We are pioneer in providing an end to end cross browser test automation solutions with a truly and fully loaded selenium test automation framework with high integration plugins.



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