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AMP Development


AMP Web Designs: Acronym for (Accelerated Mobile Pages) introduced by the U.S IT giant Google in October, 2015. It is basically an open source customer web development which has been created to catalyze up the loading time of web pages on mobile devices, PC, Smartphone’s, laptops etc. AMP enhances the overall user experience on the web.

It provides the user a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth - loading and prioritize user experience which results in more sale and revenue generation for companies.

Benefits Of AMP Development
AMP Is Ultra Fast,It Mainly Aimed To Get Loaded Instantly On Mobile Devices. Because Of This, And Its Versatility AMP Became Openly Acceptable For All The Browser. It Has A Lot Of Extra Benefits Then Responsive Websites In Terms Of Different Parameters.


  • #1
    Reduced Loading Time
    AMP Is Developed And Designed In Such A Way That The Loading Speed And The Loading Time Of The Pages Is Minimized With Much Accuracy And Easy.
  • #2
    Search Engine Optimization
    It Is Very Easy For Google SEO Algorithms To Discover Your Page In Less Time And Make Them Crawl Because There Is No Need To Change The Content.
  • #3
    100% Mobile Friendly
    Our AMP Solutions Are Flexible Across Different Kind Of Smartphones.The Reason Is Our Developers Are Well Experienced And Maintain The Code Well & Clean.
  • #4
    Low Bounce Rate
    Because AMP Reduces Loading Timing Therefore It Can Engage More Audience For Maximum Time Hence It Reduces Bounce Rate.
  • #5
    Increased Ranking In Google
    With More Visitors,Low Bounce Rate,More Engagement AMP Pages Rank Well And Better Than Responsive Development.
  • #6
    Excelent User Experience
    Browsing Experience Of AMP Are Different From Responsive Pages. AMP Pages Are Mainly For Mobile So You Can't Compare AMP With Responsive Pages.
  • #7
    Optimized Content & Data
    The Inline Sheet Allows A Maximum Size Of 75KB So The AMP Pages Contents & Data Loades Faster Over Responsive Pages.
  • #8
    Smooth Loading
    AMP Pages Are Preloaded Smoothly Thus AMP Pages Ensures Fast,Smooth Delivery Of Conent On The Page Across All The Mobile Devices.
  • #9
    Compatibility Across Browser
    Our AMP Developers, Develop Page In A Manner That It Can Be Fitted Into Any Browser Into Any Mobile Devices.
Why AMP is Different From Responsive Web Development?

Here Is The Difference Between Of AMP & Rsponsive Web Development To Let You Know The Difference


Features AMP Development Responsive Development
Faster Loading
Killer Fit For Static Pages
Killer Fit For Dynamic Pages
Faster Content Delivery
Google Project
Better Google Ranking
Better User Experience
Hire AMP Developers From Top AMP Development Company In India


Specialized In AMP Development
Out Of The Range Of Our Service AMP Development Is Our Specialization.
Innovative UI/UX
Our Innovative AMP Developers Ensures That Your AMP Application Is Always Unique And Stands Out Different From Others.
On-Time Delivery
As We Are The Top AMP Development Company We Ensure Timely Delivery Of Your AMP Web Application.
Dedicated Team
We Have A Large Pool of Experienced Developers Accross The Country For Amazing Development.
AMP App Development Cycle



We Closely Work With You To Develop A Strategy Suitable To Your Business Goals


once we understand your goal we move further accordingly.


After Checking All Function We Finally Deploy It & Make It Live.


Before Making It Live Our Testing Team Will Check Each Functionality Of Your Website.


Our Expert Team Will Develop Your Website As Per Your Needs With Laest Technology.


We Provide A Complete Support Service To Ensure That You Are Always Satisfied

Why TritanSolutions For AMP App Development?


Killer UI/UX

A Perfect UI/UX Can Make Or Break Your Business.Our Experts Design UI/UX In A Different Way So That It Can Stand Out Different From Others 4 Million AMP Apps.

On Time Delivery

With Our Well Experienced AMP Developers We Ensure The Delivery Of Your Project Within The Shortest Time.


With Our Well Experienced Q/A Team We Test The AMP Application On Multiple Devices Before Delivering The Application To Client.

Lowest Price Ever

We Always Try To Cut Down The Price Of Our Service.We Charge Only According To Requirements, With No Hidden Cost.

24 X 7 Support

We Always Try To Keep Our Clients Satisfied. 24 X 7 Support Through Telegram / Phone / Email / Whatsapp / Skype.

Robust & Fast

Our Applications Are Robust,Fast And Very Simple For Better Understanding.

Customized Solutions

Our Developers Are Ready To Develop Any Kind Of Specific Application For Your Business Needs.



Amp web development
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Tritan AMP Web Designs" Reluctant Importance:

In a business, there are so many services that have to offer and thus different business requirements arise. It becomes damn complicated, tedious and perplexing to operate and manage everything , hence came the need to make AMP Web Designs solutions as they are the game changing tools and maximum majority of the companies operates in order to utilize it maximum accordingly to its fullest capabilities.

"Tritan AMP Web Designs" are tailored well to rejig your existing Websites or upgraded one. They are specifically designed for an individual organisation. It allows the organisation to adopt a more of a kind digital approach thus enhancing their products visibility, and making the process productive, agile and efficient.

The final solutions always depend on the inputs that are made during the development stages to enable the output which consists of all the quintessential features that your organisation can make abundant use of it.

Here are some in-depth Research and Mastery decoded by Tritan Solutions:
Killer Business Benefits of AMP Web design -
  • 1. Web pages speed improves the user experience which ultimately results in high business metrics and boost brand sales for the organizations.

  • 2. AMP Pages load near instantly offering you a consistently quicker, flexible and more enhanced experience across all devices and on multiple platforms.

  • 3. The users can convert their entire archive in days especially if you use popular content management such as word press or Dropal.

  • 4. AMP can also be implemented and initiated across various web touch points.

  • 5. AMP web design for used by global multinational companies too as their top preference when it comes to enhancing user experience. Examples of organizations like Google, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Twitter, Morgan Stanley, Facebook etc.

  • 6. AMP web designs ensure users from all the surfaces From different sections of the world gets an unparalleled experience and instantaneous user friendly web pages by defaulting AMP pages which available online.

  • 7. The main advantage of AMP is speed acceleration.AMP very smoothly reduces the page load time of the web pages on mobile; it eliminates irrelevant, unwanted, unnecessary elements to overall performance.

AMP Web Design Developers Benefits: -
  • 1. It usually maintains flexibility, controls and simultaneously reduces complexity in developer’s code.

  • 2. Developers can use CSS to customize the web page styling, fonts, and layouts and enhances dynamic data to fetch the freshest and innovative data wherever and whenever required in order to built possible user experience for your clients.

  • 3. Building Blocks that guarantee High performance Ratios: It consumes a lot of time, energy, efforts, patience and diligence to build a great magnificent website. AMP components are already optimized for the brilliant performance.

  • 4. Building sustainable future in the open app web for everyone - The AMP Project is an open source initiative to protect and secure the lucrative future of web designing helping out everyone to deliver best, easy, quicker, more user friendly experience.

  • 5. Building AMP Pages is less time consuming and requires less brain storming. Developers also which results in Time Efficiency too making AMP Web design a less cumbersome task for organizations.

Need for AMP Web Design: -
  • 1. Websites trafficking generation is prime key strategy of any organization, getting more public to view your products online. Audience will be hooked on your web pages only if your offer them excellent user friendly experience on mobile devices.

  • 2. Building for a Mobile Audience - Mobile friendly websites are in demand since Smartphone’s revolution has began 14years ago. Responsive web design enhances website performances and thus wins customer loyalty too, which increases good will of the company.

  • 3. Flexibility is an important indicator when it comes to web designing, creating a site for all screens instead of solely focusing on mobile ones.

"AMP web design aims to bring "Instant Rendering to Web Content”
What are the Benefits of AMP Web Design across Businesses?: -
  • 1. Direct Mode of communication - Now suppose, if a brand has to reach its customers it will no longer will calling, texting or mailing the user but show deploy the advertisement of the brand in its AMP website as most of the public is retained or hooked on websites .

  • 2. Thus bringing more user base for the company.

  • 3. Increased Notifications and updates: AMP utilized websites provide consistent reminder regarding the product, brands, sales, offers, coupons of the organization thus increasing the business revenue's.

  • 4. AMP Websites helps you stand out of the crowd

Mobile Search Engine Optimization (AMP SEO):

Performance and Personalization are very important factors in terms of retaining and converting visitors into your potential leads, but in order to seamlessly increase traffic to the website you need to rank in search engines too.

As we mentioned, the AMP Project is backed by US Tech giant Google based on the increased mobile browsing trends, which means they deploy this particular subject with a lot of time and energy. In fact, starting in 2018, the search engine giant rolled out mobile-first indexing, which allocates ranks based on just how user friendly pages are for mobile navigation and operations.

This means the traditional great trends for efficient and effective SEO as part of your digital marketing and branding strategy are no longer enough or valid. Making your website more mobile-friendly, and, in fact, optimizing it with the use of the very optimal framework backed by Google, means your company has a better chance of ranking higher in results pages whenever searched online in any corner of the globe.

AMPs are not without some backlash, of course. As mentioned, you likely will not be able to fully replicate your normal web design if it’s too confusing and charged with dynamic elements. This can be overcome with some smart programming, but it will require creativity and patience and above all hard work.

While these can be points of contention against the use of AMPs, the austere truth is that users are now more inclined and are willing to invest hugely to favor speed above all else, so in the act of comprising things out, your company may very well opt pragmatically over aesthetically made designs.

Implementing mobile compatibility on your website is a necessary part of your web design. Using the Tritan mobile pages (AMP) framework will not only help your business to lead on top of trends, but it will flaunt your website traffic and make you stay ahead of the competition.

Killer Merits of Tritan AMP Website:
  • 1) A whole new customised website approach.

  • 2) Saving your precious time by deploying quick Tritan AMP website solutions.

  • 3) Vast and seamless pattern of AMP Websites.

  • 4) Easy and quick scheduling and rejigging of web pages.

  • 5) Website customization.

  • 6) customized integration of your website

  • 7) Quick and powerful website reporting with robust speed.

Still confused which AMP Website to choose? Ask Tritan!!

If you have projected a crystal clear picture in your mind and you are absolutely aware of which tools to use and deploy. You should know your aim, whether to increase sales, grow your team or to simply enhance your core brand and company recognition. Always having the exact and perfect software which allows you to seamlessly design, customize and operate a rock solid business that blows and completely eradicates your competitors.


So, hope that you must have well understood and imbibed the importance of AMP Websites for your business; also not all AMP Websites are made equally. The software’s are customized accordingly with the clients need. If you want to experience a powerful AMP Websites for free today, then contact us for a demo. AMP will help you to expand globally. Technology will further enable support that your organisation must leverage to enhance its robust growth.

Tritan uses comprehensive AMP Websites services that are relevant across various operating systems, browsers, database, hardware, software, configurations, devices etc. We are pioneer in providing end to end AMP Websites automation solutions with a truly and fully loaded selenium test automation framework with high integration plug-in.

Tritan is the leading pioneer for crafting secure software, reducing the risk of security breach and increasing the handsome security and development which ultimately boost productivity and revenues of the organizations. As a result, companies deploying Tritan can move their respective business to the world along with the combination of process automation, integration, agility, enthusiasm and responsiveness. Tritan enables companies to leapfrog with accuracy and reliability to magnify their efforts in fixing not just searching and locating potential vulnerabilities.


Software Development Company in Delhi India : Tritan Solutions is having experience of more than 8+ Years in different types of software and applications like ERP MLM Ecommerce Algo Software products. We have offices in India and USA with a team of experts working round the clock. We are having good experience in MLM, ERP, E-commerce, CRM Software’s, Website designing, Content writing, Digital Marketing like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Onpage Offpage Optimization.

We have the privilege to work with some of the largest Solutions company in the business and we have established a reputation for always bringing innovation on to the table. For any questions, concerns

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"Tritan AMP Web Designs" are tailored well to rejig your existing Websites or upgraded one. They are specifically designed for an individual organisation. It allows the organisation to adopt a more of a kind digital approach thus enhancing their products visibility, and making the process productive ,agile and efficient.

We are listening to 24/7 and are here to answer your queries pertaining to software, mobile, website, applications development. Please feel free to contact us any time. Our team will reach you and show you the demo.

The charges for the development depends on our services including GST and also on the type of functionality you expect from us. Albeit, we can assure you that the charges are minimal and fits in your company budget. It won't be exceeding the limit line once the agreement is signed.

About Us:

We at Tritan Solutions India Private Limited started in 2013 in Danville ( California) furnish you a 15x velocity which helps you to commence your Digital Transformation jaunt. We are a Global company from Web Designing to Mobile App solutions from Business exploration to financial recommendation you name it and Tritan will give it. Our charges and packages are designed in such a way that comes at the comfort and within the Budget of the company. The final payment has to be made once the product has been delivered to our esteemed clients although a token amount has to be given in the beginning to ensure word of mouth and Business ethics.

Tritan solutions also deliver extraordinary business solutions, financial, and industry communication.

At Tritan solution's we are always driven by high impetus to deliver the business innovation to our clients we promise to provide you with the best Web Portal Development and its easier registration on Google platform. Our work says it's all. We remain bullish on our promises and our vision for long term growth prospects and we are confident and Tritan emerges stronger than ever after this COVID Pandemic