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Become better than you are. Everything around you will get better automatically

Remember the time when everything was basic. People wore simple clothes. The cars were simple. People's homes were brown, grey, or white. IF someone spiked his hair or wore a pair of red shoes, people gave a strange look. But you know things will never be the same.

Design is intelligence made visible

Basics are the foundations. You cannot build a multi-story building if your foundation is weak. Eventually, everyone sets to get their basics straight but few step up and take things to the next level.

Basic and simple websites were used in the beginning days of the internet. Did people like them? Yes of course. Did they love them? Well, do you love boiled potatoes with no salt ? Maybe some people do. Not everyone. The same goes for websites.

Some people have experience and think they have accomplished.
They do not realise that learning is a lifelong process.
Constant Improvement is the secret of success

We are all familiar with the expression that the first impression is the last.

Before we proceed further let us first discuss some facts

  • More than 2/3 of consumers judge if a website can be trusted by examining the design of the website
  • If your website design is bad then the rate of buying from another website(competitor) is very high
  • 2/3 of the customers will return to a website if the website can be easily browsed from mobile
  • Customers spend more time on pages with videos
  • Slow-loading websites cause a significant loss to businesses

These facts are the reason why more than 75% of companies invest in web design and web development. And so should you.
Experts believe that a website is considered good and credible if it is fast loading and visually attractive.
And if it is not then do know that half of the customers engage with your website based on design. No one should judge a book by its cover but in the market, your product will be judged based on your web design.

That is why web designing is a very important factor if you want to run a successful e-commerce website. Without it, the probability of generating revenue keeps going small. It doesn't matter if you are a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) enterprise, marketing is one major aspect of e-commerce.

Web design software and web development software thus prove to be a game changer. It enhances your websites with graphics, videos, and tools that will generate more traffic to the e-commerce website and therefore increasing sales and profits.

Managing a business is not easy. You have to handle people, attend meetings, and all sorts of unseen stuff. And you work hard too. But what if no one acknowledges your hard work just because the customers and clients are not engaging with your business website.

Here's what a client wrote about us


What can I expect from Tritan solutions for custom web design for my website ?


Usually people have very short attention periods. They want quick access to everything. We do custom web design in such a way that the navigation on the website is smooth like a knife on butter.

This is also very important. People use the internet on different types of devices. Smartphone or a tablet. You will not be able to engage the audience if your website is not compatible with the device. At Tritan solutions, we provide custom web design and web development that is compatible not only with desktops but other devices too.

You are familiar with Facebook pages. The colors are blue and white mostly. You do not have to read the web address, you will automatically recognize the website from its colors and font. This is one of the many reasons branding is important. We will do custom web design for your website in such a way that your website develops as a brand.

: It is not hidden that website credibility and success depends upon its content. Tritan Solutions has a team of dedicated experts that provide you with the best quality content. The best intent and the best content.

I will not be naming them because our company acknowledges the work of others and focuses on the positives. but some big and successful websites have real bad loading speed. It should take an average of 6 seconds for the website to open. but some websites take way more than that. The custom web design we offer will design your website in such a way that the loading speed becomes less and the website runs fast and smooth.

• And some other super cool things

Coming to the question, what can you expect ?

My answer is everything. see, the software is very sophisticated. It demands investment either in time or money. Whereas, Tritan solutions will provide you with ease of mind.

Tritan Solution, Web Design & Web Development Software Services Company focusing on custom and sophisticated software development challenges since 2012 will be happy to help you.

I am not sure about this !

Reply: I am not saying best in the industry for self-boasting. Our company members are very hardworking and have completed thousands of projects across the globe. Our priority is the satisfaction of the client. No one can compete with us in that aspect. Our mission is not just money-making. The founding fathers of our company have a vision of sustainable development and the betterment of society. That is why you can be sure that your work is in the right hands. We provide support to our clients 24*7.

The beginning is always today

So don't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.


On social media platforms, people often debate whether the human has evolved more than necessary. I say No! The real revolution has just begun during the 20th century.

People are becoming independent. As the technology is improving, so is the efficiency of work. Man can now do things that were considered God's will in the past. This is the age of opportunities. Anyone who has a basic understanding of life knows what consequences it may have if you let this opportunity slip away.

It can be e-commerce or a blog. Without proper web design, the opportunity will slip away from your hands.

Tritan solution is a Custom Web Design & Web Development Software Services company focusing on custom and sophisticated software development challenges since 2012. If you join hands with our company your journey will become effortless. You will save yourself from committing beginner mistakes and stand out from your competition.


Software Development Company in Delhi India : Tritan Solutions is having experience of more than 8+ Years in different types of software and applications like ERP MLM Ecommerce Algo Software products. We have offices in India and USA with a team of experts working round the clock. We are having good experience in MLM, ERP, E-commerce, CRM Software’s, Website designing, Content writing, Digital Marketing like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Onpage Offpage Optimization.

We have the privilege to work with some of the largest Solutions company in the business and we have established a reputation for always bringing innovation on to the table. For any questions, concerns

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Answer: You need help from professionals. People are experts in the field. People who are experienced. These people will assist you in growing your business.

Answer: As I said before, the success of an e-commerce website greatly depends on its design. You have to choose a good web design software which will provide you with important tools. These tools help you build your website.

Answer: Tritan solution is a global company that started in 2013 in California, U.S.A. The company has completed thousands of projects and has a team of experts with 8+ years of experience in the field. Tritan Solutions offers custom web design and web development software services focusing on custom and sophisticated software development challenges since 2012. Normally web designing and web development demand a personal programmer and developer but with the help of Tritan solutions, complicated things are made simple. We are the best in the industry with excellent customer service.

It gets even better than that;
It does not matter if it is your first website or fiftieth (nothing is impossible), you deserve the best user experience. At Tritan solutions, we believe that service is the number one priority.

About Us:

We at Tritan Solutions India Private Limited started in 2013 in Danville ( California) furnish you a 15x velocity which helps you to commence your Digital Transformation jaunt. We are a Global company from Web Designing to Mobile App solutions from Business exploration to financial recommendation you name it and Tritan will give it. Our charges and packages are designed in such a way that comes at the comfort and within the Budget of the company. The final payment has to be made once the product has been delivered to our esteemed clients although a token amount has to be given in the beginning to ensure word of mouth and Business ethics.

Tritan solutions also deliver extraordinary business solutions, financial, and industry communication.

At Tritan solution's we are always driven by high impetus to deliver the business innovation to our clients we promise to provide you with the best Web Portal Development and its easier registration on Google platform. Our work says it's all. We remain bullish on our promises and our vision for long term growth prospects and we are confident and Tritan emerges stronger than ever after this COVID Pandemic

With over a decade 8+ Years of long experience in Software Industry, Tritan Solutions is having offices in multiple locations in India and Abroad with experience of more than a decade dealing in different types of ERP MLM Ecommerce Algo Software products. We have a team of experts having good experience in Services Like ERP, MLM, CRM Implementations, Website designing, E-commerce website development, Web Application, Email Marketing, Content writing, Web Application, Digital Marketing like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Onpage Offpage Optimization etc.