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Hybrid App Development


Hybrid apps are WebPages (Application) in native browser such as UI web view in IOS or Web view in Android (to mention not in Safari or Chrome). Hybrid apps are amalgamated using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then stacked in Native Applications using platforms like Cordova.
I will be explaining my dear fellow readers about Cordova but first let me introduce you to the abundant uses of Hybrid Applications in Today's business.
So what makes hybrid Mobile App so lucrative for Business, Industries, startups, least find out!
Tritan solutions private limited is an expert in its field. Compatibility of, the app with different platform Images, text, videos, etc could be uploaded with the Support system available Hence, to sum up, everything is possible with Tritan hybrid Mobile App Solution.

Here are some basic mastery decoded by Tritan Solutions :

Excellent Merits of Hybrid Applications :

  1. Hybrid Applications gives userthe the liberty to deploy a single code base to create mobile apps for iOS/the Android platform.

  2. Hybrid apps are lighter, simpler, posses innovative user interface, comes with Rapid installation and requires fa easier maintenance.

  3. Business Now Nowadayse adopted the strategy reaching maximum target audience to increase their sakes, market capitalisation, Higher reverevenue-generating more leverage growth of their brand th is the reason business, industries, Startups, small organizations opt for Hybrid Applications because they are affordable and can easily fit in the budget of organizations.

  4. Hybrid apps combine both media and web world and thus helps users in getting a authentic,unique,and exquisite experience while accessing the hybrid application.

  5. Native alike User Experience : Hybrid Applications developed with the framework like Flutter and Native which is capable of delivering a better user experience like that found in Native apps ,Its allows easy editing too thus generating hefty revenues for larglarger-scalend and mid mid-size startups.

  6. Offline Support in Hybrid Applications : Hybrid Applications also additionally provide offline support too. Users can access hybrid apps even without Intean rnet connection. Users can also view there saved data in offline mode. The best example of hybrid apps in offline mode would be Gmail and Instagram with which we all are familiar with and I will also be explaining about it on later stage of our blog.

  7. Wider Market Penetration : Hybrid Applications can also capable on rofning and operating on multiple user-friendly forms. Thus enabling busithe ness to reach more audience globally, not just in there homehomegrownntries. Today people living in developed economies of the world mostly do window shopping and branthe d now nowadayse started there hybrid applications to endorse their products thus enabling companies to generate hefty revenues.

Importance of Cordova in Hybrid Applications


Cordova allows easier and exuberance innovation by adding just one script of code.

Cordova mainly wraps your HTML/ Javascript into a ñative container which can easily access the device directions of several platforms.Thes e functions are made to be exposed via a JavaJavascript, allowing userthe to quickly and calmly write one set of code to target every phone/PC/tablet/SmarSmart devicethe market today and publish to their respective app stores I.e Google play store or Apple iOS.

Cordova Tools

They are mainly diverse and variegated ecosystem nof ofmand line tools , JvaScript Frameworks and cloud services amalgamated along Cordova.

Here are few that I have mentioned


  • Adobe Phone gap
    I is a widely popular, authentic and highly used distribution of Apache Cordova. It can very well turn your HTML, CSS and JavaScript an app on your device in a fraction of seconds using your personal computer and developers applications.
  • Ionic Frameworks
    I is a front end SDK mainly deployed do building croscross-platformsile applications. Built on top no angular , Ionic also offers platforms for integrating services like push notifications and analytics.
  • Monaca
    it is a comprehensive cloud powered along with framframework-agnostic of tools Monaca supports both offline and online mode of development, debugging with line reloaded feature and cloud built experience for the user.
  • Onsen UI
    it is mainly a custom elemented HTML 5 framework offer's a large selection of components and responsive layout support. Onsen UI provides you the with opportunity nd pandtform to create your professional design on multiplatform applications without acquiring additional dexterity of skill set.
  • Visual Studio
    I is a prolific IDE for building croscross-platform Applications for Android, iOS and Windows, completed with Highly advanced build and debugging support .
  • Framework 7
    It is a free of cost and an open-source of framework for developing hybrid mobile applications or web applications with iOS and along with Android native innovation and user interface.
  • Everything studio
    It provides Cordova with a smart and amazing development workflow orocproceduresorials and examples of various applications listed on its platform for mainly Internet of things, support for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and other IOT related technologies.
  • NSB/App Studio
    It is an IDE built mainly for web Applications and Native applications. one at includes complete phone gap integration ,plus Bootstrap, j query Mobile and Jq widgets . Also Al with Drag and Drop desigñer. Easy programming in Java script and Basic windows also in Macos.
  • Instabug
    It facilitates Cordova developer'swith a bug reporting and in app feedback solutions. Along with a full fledged guide to helps it's new users to seamless report bugs while automatically attaching detail's such as network logs,repro steps etc.

Some examples of hybrid applications showcase are as follows :

  • Pacifica
  • Sworkit
  • Fan React
  • Gudog
  • Just watch
  • Series seven
  • One verse
  • Bible
  • Graded
  • Spark chess

Other less known Hybrid Applications developments :
  • Xamarin
  • Rho
  • Mosyne
  • Corona

Hybrid Applications Market Example's


  • Market Watch
    ( Built With Ionic )
  • Sworkit
    (Built With Phonegap )
  • Untapped
    ( Built With Phonegap)
  • Off Our Gold
    ( Built With Onsen UI)
  • Tripline
    (Built With Framework 7 )

Recommended Reading


Excellent Applications of Hybrid that have fostered Growth Across the Globe :

Baskin Robbins : It a multinational ice cream giant founded in United State of America in the year 1952. The company gained world wide success with its exotic ice creams flavours and Cakes. Baskin Robbins is a name which has become synonymous with confectionery industry. The company has built its own Hybrid Application with latest HTML 5 and Native features. The app can also run in offline mode. It helps the user to locate Location of vendors, nearby Baskin Robbins store and even allows payment gateway using credit,debit and Digital wallet.
The app offers multiple coupons codes, saving offers and latest updates too. The app as excellent user interface and can even send gifts via monetary exchange in Baskin Robbins application.

UBER : It a world renowned taxi sharing and ride sharing companyn founded in year 2010 by Travis K. In a small town of Paris, France. The name Uber has become synonymous among the public. The Uber app runs onm.uber.com . It is also built on Hybrid. The app allows easy navigation ,user friendly Application. It mainly connects driver and users. The app has Google maps in it to locate Locations m we can even save driver pictures in it. The Uber hybrid application has got terrific payment gateway too via credit,debit cards.

Instagram : The distinguished social media Application founded in U.S now brought by Facebook Inc.is most used globally. It is intriguing to note that Instagram also works on Hybrid Application Which is powered by HTML 5 and it easily saved offline date too.

This hybrid app has picture sharing platform, reel's and direct messages system allows users to tag location, objects,things, as give opportunities to users for following there loved ones.

GMAIL - Google mail box amalgamated with HTML 5 allows users to send important text,images, video's,via mail. It's saved data on offline mode too but it needs internet connection to remain active.

Hybrid applications will rightly remain in fashion no matter how hard economic growth becomes but the potential to tap revenues from the hybrid application will always be in demand or I should say will now be at Its peak. Today as coronavirus has started gripping in almost every corner of the world, Although developed economies suffered the most and this pandemic forced the millennials to stay at home and almost each and every mainted tmaintainedma of social distancing and thus our penetration in virtual world began.
The statistics says thats almost 9 hours spent by an individual in Covid-19 pandemic and every company start-ups, business, switched to work from home jargon forcing their employees,staffs to turn to the virtual world. Almost 85 percent of employeesof daily reported to there Manager details on the companies Application provided to them. And here comes the fact which needs to be magnified that These applications are downloaded from the hybrid platform so you can imagine the extent to which hybrid Application is penetrated in Today's Organisation.
Most industries like IT, software, hardware, digital app design booked during the pandemic as now Information Technology is the new Gold mine. Forget the days when petroleum was the diamantaire revenue generator for Countries. Nowadays a country is considered more civilized and economical by how much it's has spent and the contribution it has provided to its digital Revolution.


No one can absolutely deny the power of smart phones especially for the business sector. There are many ways to reach out to potential and loyal customers when you make your products and services available through mobile phones. The finest and the brightest way to bridge the gap between a company and customer is to build mobile app. Through the app, you can allow customers to access your products and services. It is the quickest and smartest way to market your products/brand without the involvement of third person.

Now, the question that arises is which kind of mobile app is best for businesses. Well, mobile apps are divided into three categories – native, HTML5 (web) and hybrid mobile apps. It’s is the high time for you, as an hybrid mobile app developers, to think about it. Of the three hybrid mobile applications are considered the best and effective as they combine the performance and Robust speed of native apps into the web containers to leverage the best of both kinds of apps. Hence, mobile apps are the best for any business and it is an intelligent and lucrative decision to invest in Tritan mobile app development


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Answer: Hybrid applications will rightly remain in fashion no matter how hard economic growth becomes but the potential to tap revenues from the hybrid application will always be in demand or I should say will now be at Its peak.

Answer: Hybrid Applications developed with the framework like Flutter and Native which is capable of delivering a better user experience like that found in Native apps, Its allows easy editing too thus generating hefty revenues for larger-scaled and mid mid-size startups.

Answer: Hybrid applications has picture sharing platform, reel's and direct messages system allows users to tag location, objects, things, as give opportunities to users for following there loved ones. Example- Instagram

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