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MLM Software

MLM Software


Multi Level Marketing Mlm

Our multi level marketing mlm Software has a detailed set of tools and features that requires to manage and organize multi level marketing mlm companies to manage their Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Accounts. A Cloud web-based and user friendly multi level marketing mlm software helps you to track, manage, adjust your customers and recruits with joning etc, organize and reports day to day sales, revenue and profit calculations etc at your dashboard. It is one of the most simple and user friendly multi level marketing mlm Software which is one of key strength of our company. our multi level marketing mlm Software is one of the best software available in industry which is also integrated with full fledge ERP having features like Ecommerce, shopping cart, checkout, payment gateway, procure to pay, order to cash, Hr recruitment, Inventory management, finance etc. 

Our multi level marketing mlm Software has lot of features which are not even countable. Our multi level marketing mlm Software helps to define products from which the marketing Firm is doing business for multi level marketing mlm facilitates to define user commission and generate commission reports. Complete downlink can be seen in a tree view by our Online multi level marketing mlm Portal by the members. All users pannel has full access into a system and they can view / modify their downlink tree. Our multi level marketing mlm is web based enterprise level management system. Thus, you can easily collaborate with your associates. its cloud based hosting wih number of features listed below. 

-Role Based-Menu and Menu Permissions (User and Role Based)
-Separate Login and register page designed. 
-Role and Menu Management (Role and User based)
-Users detailed Profile Information like bank detail, personal info, Login history, contact info etc.
-Product Management to manage purchase
-Invoicing to manage sales
-Full fledged Accounts Management with Ledger, bank statements, Balance sheets, Profit and loss accounts.
-Rewards Management
-Pin Request
-ePin Request and Generate Pins
-Donation Management-User Tree and Tree legs
-Create graphical dashboard ui ,chart etc.
-Create tree like Organization structure which is a parent child tree visually looks best
-User management dashboard etc.