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MLM Software

MLM Software

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    Our multi-level marketing MLM Software is one of the superior product in market with lot of features and tools integrated. Our MLM software help MLM companies to manage their Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Finance, Recruitment, Payroll, Payouts, Shopping card etc. It’s Cloud web-based and user-friendly MLM software which can be used both on browser as well as on any mobile device. Our software Help you to track, manage, Organize and report your day to day sales, revenue, profit calculations, etc. on real-time basis. It is one of the most mobile user-friendly and straight forward multi-level marketing MLM Software, which is one of the crucial strengths of our company. Integrated with full fledge ERP having features like Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, eCommerce, shopping cart, checkout, payment gateway, HR recruitment, Inventory management, finance, etc.

    Our multi-level marketing MLM Software has a lot of features that are not even countable or imaginable. It helps to list down all products which company is planning to sell online by doing business in the form of shopping cart. It defines user commission and generates commission reports as per MLM companies requirement. Org structure can be seen in tree view in our software with all business details like Self Business Volue, Team business volume etc. All users panel has full access to a system, and they can view/modify their downlink tree. Our multi-level marketing MLM is a web-based enterprise-level management system. Thus, it helps easily coordinate with different team members. Its cloud-based hosting with several features listed below.

    Features :

    * Fully Integrated MLM or Direct Selling Solution with Standard Version of TritanERP Software
    * Fully Integrated MLM or Direct Selling Solution with Single Vendor ecommerce solution, Payment Gateway Payumoney, Checkout, Shopping Cart etc
    * Role Based Permissions and system access to manage multiple users.
    * Separate Login and register page.
    * Users detailed Profile Information like bank detail, personal info, Login history, contact info etc.
    * Product Management to manage products on ecommerce
    * Order, Order Tracking, Invoicing to manage sales
    * Rewards Management
    * Pin Request- ePin Request and Generate Pins
    * Tree-like Organization structure which is a parent-child tree visually looks best
    * Graphical dashboard UI, chart etc.

    Services Included :

    * Free Domain Registration for 1 year and setting up of DNS records.
    * 1 Year hosting server
    * 1 Year Support, Maintenance
    * Setting up of Cloud flare CDN network to make sure speed performance, security of the website.
    * Setting up of Production and User Acceptance Testing environment to start user level testing.
    * Setting up Role Based System access in which you will be able to manage multi user logins and access for employees etc.
    * Creating Product Categories, Listing of  2-3 Products to test the plan
    * Setting up admin account, standard dashboards, and reports etc as per the customer requirements.
    * Setting up SMS gateway. SMS pack to be provided by customer or will be charged on actual
    * Setting up Email account on server. Email details to be provided by customer or will be charged on actual
    * Setting up Customer details on website like contact address, email, mobile no etc
    * Standard Digital Marketing and Sales Promotion Strategy: SEO Friendly website and software, Speed Optimized, On-Page optimization, Off- Page optimization like Wiki Back link, Guest Posting, * Profile Creation, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog comments, Blog Posts, Article Submissions, Press release submission, Web 2.0, Image sharing, Info Graphic Sharing, Video        Sharing, PDF Sharing, Document Sharing
    * Training on ERP, Ecommerce, and MLM software including user creation, Order management, Invoicing, Managing Accounting and other administrative work.
    * Training on Digital Marketing and Sales promotion            

    Client List :

    ERP Demo Link:

    Login id : admin
    Password : 123456

    Ecommerce Demo Link:

    Login id : admin
    Password : 123456

    Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Demo Link:

    Login id : admin
    Password : 123456

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