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What is BLACK Box Testing ?


Black Box Testing is a software testing method in which the functionalities of software applications are tested without having knowledge of internal code structure, implementation details and internal paths. Black Box Testing mainly focuses on input and output of software applications and it is entirely based on software requirements and specifications. It is also known as Behavioral Testing.

If you take an example, suppose there is a application comes Under Black Box Testing, you can test these applications by just focusing on the inputs and outputs without knowing their internal code implementation and our firm have all the experts for your better output of your application.

Levels of Black Box Testing


  • Integration testing
    In order to highlight the errors and the issues in the interface and interactions among the integrated components of the software, Black Box Testing is extensively used.
  • System Testing
    knowledge of inner design and codes of software is drastically reduced in this type of testing since it ensures the system compliance with the needs provided by the clients.
  • Acceptance testing
    The sole aim of testing here is to validate the acceptability of the software by testing in plethora of in advert, unprecedented and maverick circumstances.

Techniques of Black Box Testing

Test cases in the Black Box Testing method are built around the specification, requirement and Design parameters of a software.
  • Boundary Value Analysis
    The most commonly used black box testing technique, Boundary Value Analysis or BVA is used to find the error in the boundaries of input values rather than the center.
  • Decision Table Based Testing
    This approch is the most rigorous one and is ideally implemented when the number of combinations of action is taken under varying conditions.
  • Equivalence Class Partitioning
    The technique is used to reduce the number of possible input to small yet effective input. Used to test an application exhaustively and avoid redundancy of input, it is done by dividing inputs into classes and getting value from each class.
  • Error Guessing
    The success of this technique is solely dependent on the experience of the tester. There are no tools and techniques as such, but one can write test cases either while reading the document or while encountering an undocumented error during the testing.

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Tritan's Black Box Testing Includes


Black box testing focuses on testing the complete functionality of the system as well as its behavior. This testing method is also referred to as behavioral testing and functional testing. The testing method is critical during the stages of software testing life cycle like regression testing, acceptance, unit, system, integration and software development. The following are the techniques employed while using Black Box Testing.

black box testing

1. Error Identification

2. Graphical Testing Methodology

3. Equivalence Partitioning

4. Boundary Value Analysis

5. Comparison Testing

6. Testing In Pairs

7. Decision Table Testing

8. And Much More

Black-Box Testing Development Cycle



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Then Tester validates all the outputs according to his/her given input.

Testcase Validation

Then Tester validates all the test cases according to his/her given input.

Making Inputs

Tester Make some valid inputs positive test scenario & negetive test scenario.

Test Cases

Then Tester makes some test cases according to inputs.

Final Testing

Tester Validates all the test cases & detected errors are fixed and retested.

black box testing techniques

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Killer Merits of Back Box Testing

  • 1. Our Black box testing enables serene implementation of an application in the original and authentic system milieu.

  • 2. We do testing with the stacks of full knowledge of functional specifications enables a farcify quick designing of test matte cases.

  • 3. Tritan Black box testing doesn't require knowledge of programming language as well as system implementation.

  • 4. It also enables us to indentify and rectified any ambiguities, vagueness and contradictions in functional specifications

It is also distinguished and commercially known as "Specification based testing".

A software application is labeled operational only after going through various stages of software testing and maintenance. Starting from its internal structure and code to its minute features of functionality, performance, database etc and each and every major component is tested to ensure the brand name effectively.
Black box testing name originated its name from the concept of a black box or opaque box through which light cannot pass or travel similarly in black box the internal contents are invisible and the user can only visualize and examine its external appearance and structure.
The unanimously designed combinations of possible inputs, states and time sequences make full fledged testing of software programs imperially impossible. The software program variations make it a daunting to choose the most unique black box tests. Then testers must draw conclusions from that limited subset of tests.
Some black box testing techniques lessen the input void into groups so testers can take a subset of each group to verify. Black box testing efficiently separates the tester from the code creator. This software testing technique indulges the team to see it from an outsider's point of view . The black box tester acts from the user's perspective. This creates both social distance and cruical distance between software development and test, which makes it more usual that the tester will manipulate the application, referred to as the box, in a manner its creator had not visualised.

Practical application of “Tritan Black Box "

  • 1) In data mining, a black box is a set of defined algorithms or a technology that doesn't provide and self explants as to how it works.

  • 2) In film making, a black box is a dedicated and efficient hardware device: equipment that is specifically used for a particular functionality.

  • 3) In theater and television, a black box is an unfurnished studio giving visual appeal in cinema halls.

  • 4) In the financial world, a black box is a computerized automated trading system that does not make its rules easily available. The admin of the software has the authority to access the information of traders stored.

Characteristics of “ Black Box Testing"

  • 1. It is a methodology of functional testing.

  • 2. Black Box Testing is carried by an independent and authentic testing team during software test life cycles.

  • 3. The software tester does not have in-depth programming knowledge and skills in this type of testing methodology.

  • 4. It is strongly related to agile, accurate and authentic methodology.

  • 5. Keeping in lieu, the demands and needs of the customers the test is performed accordingly.

  • 6. In order to achieve the desired and effective outputs, only valid and invalid inputs are provided.

Black box testing Toolkit

The most novel and beneficial aspect of black box testing is that it can be performed with the help of plethora of automated tool which further meanders the process by simplifying it and thus improves its accuracy. Also, it makes the entire process more avid and efficient.

Generally, recording and playback tools are preferred with Java, visual basic, Q Basic and Perl..

There are also other testing tools that are available:

  • 1) Selenium

  • 2) Appium

  • 3) Applitools

  • 4) HP QTP

  • 5) Microsoft coded UI

Black box testing in a comprehensive, spectacular and productive approach of testing the Applications that ensures the validation of the intended functionalities from user's view of imagination. It also saves the unnecessary time and efforts of the development team in exploring insights of the system for the mission of testing.

Dynamic analysis of "Black Box Testing"

  • 1) It detects vulnerabilities and defects in Applications before they are exported or handed to their respective platforms or customers.

  • 2) It scans PHP, Java / JSP and other engine driven web application.

  • 3) It ensures proper guidance for proactive actions that has the capacity to improve Applications for security reasons too.

  • 4) It launches probe applications by simulating the attack methods of threats and malware by analyzing unexpected outcomes


Whenever we are testing software, it’s becomes inevitable to adopt a methodology that’s as defects free from bugs as possible. Development can be easily influenced and best managed by exploding the tester with abundant of information about the development procedures itself. The excellent scenario is that the tester is amplified for a task to accomplish using the software in question, and no guidance is provided in to accomplish the task. That way, the testing experience is pious, which should validate the desired result.
To this end, Black Box testing is utilized efficiently. Black Box testing is the term for a methodology in which the tester knows nothing of the underlying code of the software application. Because the tester can’t see what went into the development of the application, no assumptions can be made of how each element is actually meant to operate, so the tester is forced to assess each function as it actually is. In turn, this enables the developers to see, observe, and perform at which points the application works as expected, and what needs to be corrected.
Though no software product can be entirely free of bugs, Black Box testing is at the very least the best way to proceed further without any ambiguity. Because it’s done from the user’s point of view, it’s a look into real-world use, as opposed to the developer’s idea of the perfect user. The tester need not know anything about how the application was written, and in fact the tester need not even being a part of the originating Team.


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"Black Box Testing Techniques" Error Identification, Graphical testing methodology, Equivalence partitioning, Boundary value analysis, Comparison testing, testing in pairs, Decision table testing all of them are effectively used by Tritan.

Our Black box testing enables serene implementation of an application in the original and authentic system milieu ,We do testing with the stacks of full knowledge of functional specifications enables a farcify quick designing of test matte cases. Our black box testing will ensure whether your software or application is genuinely ready to be showcased to the world or not! Remember, an improper quality of application or software launched completely erodes away your business good will.

The most novel and beneficial aspect of black box testing is that it can be performed with the help of plethora of automated Tritan tool which further meanders the process by simplifying it and thus improves its accuracy. Also, it makes the entire process more avid and efficient. Also, It is not a cumbersome process and not at all frustrating and tedious.

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