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MLM Software.

MLM Software

MLM Multilevel marketing is a valid business strategy when done ethically and within the legal boundaries. 

Please read this document till the end to gain full knowledge because you will not get such information anywhere else.

Direct Selling, MLM Multilevel marketing, network marketing is a money-making strategy for start-up companies. One of the growing industries in which a lot of Start-up companies are showing their interest. Tiered, commission-based Plan where sales individual has two potential incomes, i.e., their earnings, and a proportion of the commission generated from sales partner or independent distributors by selling products to customers. Its a joint team effort to introduce new associates or sales agents who join the Company through their sponsor within their hierarchy to sell products together. MLM Multilevel marketing firms typically do not market in websites online, etc., and they rely on word-of-mouth earnings. Business with MLM multilevel marketing companies is really a great experience for individuals who have a good family or friends circle. You can contact them and market your products. Its a kind of affiliate marketing in which you join MLM company and sell their products.

Are you interested in starting a new MLM Multilevel marketing firm? I am describing below are the detailed steps and help. I have given a complete checklist as well below, so please go through this content till the end. This article is useful for MLM Companies, Direct Sellers, and Even for customers who are interested in using world-class quality products.

Are you Planning to Open MLM Company Follow these 7 Simple Steps?

Step 1.    First, pick up a world-class product that you want to sell using the Direct Selling MLM network marketing channel.

Step 2.    Start looking for manufacturers or wholesale of the product and work out on the pricing.

There are many websites online through which you can select your world-class product. You have to log in to these websites and post your requirement. ?

  1. https://www.indiamart.com Just Login to their website, create an account and post your requirement detailing qty, product description, etc. You will get a lot of offers from different merchants selling their products via Indiamart. You can also call indiamart call center no. 09696969696 or install their mobile app and raise your inquiry there as well. Indiamart is one the best leading Business to Business portal where you will find a lot of manufacturing companies and wholesalers selling their products. Their prices are most competitive in the market, and you will get the best merchant in your panel. You have to ensure you clearly describe your requirements so that you get relevant queries. Leave your Name, number, and email address. 

  2. Indiamart
  3. https://www.justdial.com Login to their website and search for merchants selling products or services you need. Their calling customer care number is 8888888888, and you can also install their app. Submit your inquiry with your Name and number. You will quickly get a lot of phone calls from different merchants. On this portal, you will get quick responses, and you need to save numbers while you are taking calls; otherwise, you will lose the track. You also get SMS from different sellers, but that number is minimal. The best way to handle such sudden calls is to let them know your WhatsApp number. When you get a call, tell them that send product details on WhatsApp. You will be able to cover more vendors if you follow this method.

  4. Indiamart

Need assistance in buying best MLM product. Give us a call at +919818221720 or email [email protected]

Essential Tips: 1) Do Sampling before purchasing any material in bulk qty. 2) Keep note of all numbers, calls you to receive so that you can call them and coordinate for sampling and purchasing. 3) Try to get all official quotations on emails so that its appropriately documented.

Step 3.    Put the MRP, Distributor Price, Business Value, Cost, and Company Value for the product.

  1.      MRP - maximum retail price
  2.      Distributor Price - This is the price at which you will give your products to the direct sellers or members.
  3.      Business Value - This is the actual distribution of profit to your team members or direct sellers as per the Plan. 
  4.      Point Value - This is a reward or direct benefit given to the actual consumer of the product.
  5.      Cost - Actual product cost, including Transportation, shipping, wastage, breakage, etc.
  6.      Company Value - Actual profit which is earned by the Company.

Need more assistance in creating Plan. Give us a call +919818221720 or email [email protected]

Essential Tips: 1) Calculate Business Value carefully because this is the actual profit distributed in the team. 2) Don't allocate more than 60-70% of the business value because you need to keep some benefits for yourself as well. 3) You should have a detailed calculation of your Plan.

Step 4.     Establish all lawful processes in the organization and register under companies act. 

The most crucial step for the growth of the Company. This builds a lot of trust among companies if you are registered under the Company's Act. You should start with a Private Limited company and complete your ISO certification process. You also need to have a current account, Pan Card, GST number for your Company. There are many essential points to be noted as a Private Limited company, and please find below is the detailed checklist for your reference. These are the necessary checks as per the Company Law.

There is a need to maintain this checklist for the excellent health of your Company and ensure there are no penalties imposed by government officials. These penalties can go unto 5 lakh depending on the compliance's missed or not completed. 


  1. Whether Company has PAN No
  2. Whether the Company has TAN No
  3. Whether Company has GST No
  4. Whether capital amount has been deposited in Bank
  5. Whether Form 20A has been submitted within six months of incorporation
  6. Whether First Auditor has been appointed within 30 days of the formation of Company
  7. Whether Company has done quarterly board meetings
  8. Whether proper notice was sent for board meetings
  9. Whether AGM has been done on or before 30th Sept
  10. Whether proper notification was posted for AGM
  11. Whether Minutes of Meeting has been prepared
  12. Whether Directors KYC form has been submitted to ROC
  13. Whether MSME form has been submitted to ROC
  14. Whether Form DPT-3 has been submitted to ROC
  15. Whether company KYC form has been sent to ROC
  16. Whether Form AOC-4 has been submitted to ROC
  17. Whether Form MGT-7 has been submitted to ROC
  18. Whether Form BEN-1 has been submitted to ROC
  19. Whether Form NFRA-1 has been submitted to ROC
  20. Whether loan charge has been created, if any


  1. Whether Firm has PAN No
  2. Whether Firm has TAN No
  3. Whether Firm has GST No
  4. Whether Firm has a current account
  5. Whether books of accounts are maintained
  6. Whether Books GST ITC is matched with GST Portal
  7. Whether issuing GST Tax Invoices
  8. Whether issuing Eway Bill 
  9. In case of Export, whether LUT has been applied
  10. Whether GSTIN is displayed in Name Board
  11. Whether GST is payable under Reverse Charge 
  12. Whether Monthly/ Quarterly GST returns has been filed before the due date
  13. Whether monthly GST has been deposited before the due date
  14. Whether Quarterly TDS returns have been filed before the due date
  15. Whether ITR has been filed before the due date


  1. Whether Firm has GST No
  2. Whether books of accounts are maintained
  3. Whether Books GST ITC is matched with GST Portal
  4. Whether issuing GST Tax Invoices
  5. Whether issuing Eway Bill 
  6. In the case of Export, whether LUT has been applied
  7. Whether GSTIN is displayed in Name Board
  8. Whether GST is payable under Reverse Charge 
  9. Whether Monthly/ Quarterly GST returns has been filed before the due date
  10. Whether monthly GST has been deposited before the due date

Step 5.    You need the best MLM Software, and we can help you select the best software with the best MLM plan :

Our MLM Software can manage every complicated procedure with great simplicity. We are using a well-organized structured development process. We first start Building a blueprint of MLM company's initial requirement, Signing off official agreements, and then customizing the application is our core expertise. 

Selecting our most exceptional MLM Software or a bundled package with following functionalities and features gives you a cutting edge and advantage against other competitors: 

  1. Admin Panel Integrated with TritanERP Software to manage (Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Finance, and HR Management). ERP software is Enterprise Resource Planning, and we are having almost 8 yrs of experience managing corporate customers. 'tDon't just think of selling products using cheap MLM software which does not give Inventory management, HR Management, Finance Management, etc. That cheap software will help you to stand your Company for max six months, and after that, you will crash because there is a lot of processes needs to be automated and not just MLM. Today you will be able to manage 100-1000 transactions per day, Just think of managing 10000 or 1 lakh transactions per day. Do you which such cheap low-quality software will be able to help you achieve the same?
  2. Role-Based System access in which you will be able to manage multi-user logins and access for employees.
  3. User panel with Dashboard, Team Tree View, Down line Details, Manage Rewards, Coupons, Pin, E-wallet, etc
  4. Integrated with Ecommerce Solution (Shopping Cart, Checkout, Payumoney Payment Gateway, COD, etc.)
  5. Direct Selling MLM Software and Website as per requirement and Plan
  6. Plan Designing - We also design Plans as per your needs.
  7. Logo Designing - Free logo designing for your Company.
  8. PPT Creation for sales promotion (After 1 Month). This is our core specialty, and we will deliver corporate-level PPT.
  9. YouTube Video for Sales Promotion (After 3 Months). You can refer to our Youtube videos on our channel.
  10. 1 Year Cloud Hosting on AWS Amazon Servers. 99.99% uptime availability and hosted servers at Mumbai location. We are not giving those cheap hosting servers or VPS servers which keeps crashing. Our Cloud-based hosting solution is unique in itself.
  11. 1 Year Domain Registration
  12. 1 Year Support, Maintenance, and Development. We don't write for the sake of writing. We deliver. We work on quality and not quantity. 
  13. Digital Marketing and Creating Sales Promotion Strategy: SEO Friendly website and software, Speed Optimized, On-Page optimization, Off-Page optimization like Wiki Backlink, Guest Posting, Profile Creation, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog comments, Blog Posts, Article Submissions, Press release submission, Web 2.0, Image sharing, Info Graphic Sharing, Video Sharing, PDF Sharing, Document Sharing etc. (After 3 months).
  14. Three months of Training on ERP, Ecommerce, MLM software including user creation, Order management, Invoicing, managing Accounting, and other administrative work.
  15. 3 Months Training on Digital Marketing and Sales promotion.

If you think there is something left to manage your Company, we will include that as well :-)

Step 6.    Start creating your team and increase your network.

Building a strong team is the base of the building of your Company. If you appoint MLM leaders who are just running behind the money, then you are at risk. Look for MLM leaders who care about you and your Company. It's hard to find such MLM leaders, but nothing is impossible. Keep hunting good, skilled MLM Leaders who can demonstrate your products to the end customers and manage your business together. It's teamwork, and you need to build your strong team. If you hire someone in a hurry, then you will collapse very soon, and they will leave you in between. The majority of the MLM companies are facing this problem, and their leaders switch from one company to another Company very soon.

Step 7.    Establish sales Strategy and start your own MLM Business Promotions.

Marketing is an essential part of running any business. As you can see above, we have already included Digital Marketing and Training on sales promotions. What else do you need? We will train you and your members building a strong team of professionals. 

Last but not least: an Important ethical process to run MLM Company successfully and Legally. Check yourself (Yes/No)

  1. Are you committing any misleading, deceptive, or unfair recruitment practices?
  2. Are you misrepresentation real or possible earnings or growth? 
  3. Are you doing any factual representation that may not be confirmed?
  4. Are you creating any guarantee that may not be fulfilled? 
  5. Are you presenting any benefits of direct marketing at a false or deceptive method? 
  6. Are you charging members on sales demonstration equipment, entrance fees, renewal fees, or even to buy or substance to take part in direct advertising operations? 
  7. Supplying any advantage to any individual for the debut or recruiting of one or more individuals as lead sellers? 
  8. Are you Charging any money using minimal monthly renewal or subscription fees? 
  9. Is your agreement with a direct seller or member in writing? 
  10. Do you provide a Cooling-off period to direct sellers or members? This is required if the case member would like to cancel his membership.
  11. Do you offer members a buyback or return policy to MLM Members?

Are you a Direct Seller or Member joining MLM company?

Direct Seller or Member or Sponsor; these are the few words you will see very frequently in the MLM industry. Direct Sellers or Independent Distributors are the core strength of any MLM company. You have to select your Direct Sellers, Independent Distributors with the most stringent selection process. 'Don't just hurry in appointing them because if you name someone who is creating negative vibes in your Company, then it will further damage your reputation. As a direct seller, it is your responsibility and duty to ensure MLM Company guidelines are followed and you work as a co-partner joining hand in hand. You have to provide all Company Kit, Product Details; Product Samples are available all the time with you to present. If you stay in a company for a longer duration, then a lot of companies are giving incentives, benefits, and awards to retain the right talent. Last but not least, if you are earning 100rs, then its always suggested to spend 25rs on yourself or self-development. If you don't make this investment in yourself, then you are still going to struggle in your life. 

Checklist for Direct Seller or Member (Yes/No):

  1. Throughout the demonstration, a Direct Seller or Member should show his own truthfully identify.
  2. Throughout the process, he/she should show the character of goodness. 
  3. An immediate seller must always carry his identification card when visiting a client or customer.
  4. No direct seller should visit the Client's or customer's premises without any previous appointment. 
  5. Prices should be correct and according to business policies of MLM Company
  6. You must explain Return policies and a grievance process to the Client or customer.
  7. You need to give After-sales service particulars customer care no etc. to the Client or customer.

Are you a Customers interested in using world-class products and Joining MLM Company?

As a customer, you need to ensure you understand everything about the product, its usage, consumption, etc. If you don't understand the product and start consuming the same, then you are at risk. MLM Products are high-quality products, and they are not available easily in the market because these products are typically sold inside the network only. So if you compare prices of High-quality products with Low-quality online products sold by ecommerce vendors, then it's not fair. Just correct judgment to select a product and Join MLM company with the right level of information. You also need to operate MLM software, and for that, you can always demand training, etc. 

Checklist for Client Customer (Yes/No):

  1. Ensure MLM company is a listed company under company law, and there are no legal allegations against them.
  2. Provider Name, address, phone number, email, age proof, etc. to the Direct Selling member or Directly to MLM company
  3. Ensure Sponsor Details are filled correctly so that your joining can be done. 
  4. Provide all Proofs Like Pan Card, Adhar Card, Bank Proofs required for KYC.
  5. Ensure that you understand the return policy, grievance process, etc.
  6. Ensure you know the right level of escalation matrix so that if in case required the same can be used.
  7. Products that MLM company is selling are genuine, and there are no previous complaints.
  8. MLM Companies Vision and Mission should be clear, and you should be able to understand that.
  9. Join all meetings organized by the MLM company so that you get the detailed understanding and regular progress.
  10. Keep all your records unto date and ensure you get your commission payouts on time.  

You can call us if you need the list of Best MLM Companies available. Give us a call +919818221720 or email [email protected]

There are different types of plan available in market however you can choose couple of them from our suite of MLM Plans given below :

The binary compensation plan is one of the most popular plans amongst all MLM companies. In Binary MLM Plan, each member needs to recruit or sponsor two other members. This Plan is a very fast expansion of the network in the MLM industry. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Due to fast payouts, this plan is most preferred
  • You can also choose auto spill functionality
  • Different bonus options like refferaleral bonus, pair bonus etc


Matrix plan or Ladder plan is a pattern in fixed width and depth. The member who joins into the matrix plan gets compensated with they appoint a new member as distributor according to the level set. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • When downline works, upline gets benefits
  • Easy to understand and email interests to colleagues
  • The width can be extended as per MLM Company


One of the most significant benefits we have in level plan is about simplicity. Networker or MLM company can explain this plan easily to their customer. There is no restriction to the width, i.e. member can add unlimited members in width under his/her downline. Generally, companies provide excellent rewards and awards in this Level plan to boost up their sales. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • It's very easy to understand and implement
  • No Restrictions on width expansion
  • Many network companies currently run these Plans


Generation plan is straightforward to implement, and it's user-friendly. In this MLM, users can easily view and manage their network. In this generation plan, you can manage branches, franchisees etc. There are many features like ecommerce shopping cart, payment gateway etc. to boose up your sales. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Easy to manage and implement in MLM Software
  • The network can be seen and managed easily/li>
  • Full-blown features are available to manage branches


Repurchase plan needs more advanced features of ecommerce where customer joins the system gets benefits in the form of rewards on every repurchase. In this plan, there is a detailed report required for managing Purchase, Sales, Inventory and finance. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Integrated with Ecommerce Solution
  • Integrated with ERP Solution
  • User-friendly and easy to understand


Crowdfunding is the most popular and increasing lot of interest in network users. This needs a group of people who are looking to get help from their friend's relatives. They need to help with a small amount and get help in return. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Fast and growing rapidly
  • help others and get help from others is the key concept
  • Easy to understand and implement


Donation or help is most popular and increasing lot of interest in network users. This needs a group of people who are looking to get help from their friend's relatives. They need to help with a small amount and get help in return. There are a couple of benefits listed below :

  • Fast and growing rapidly
  • help others and get help from others is the key concept
  • Easy to understand and implement


Our MLM Software can handle the complicated process with great simplicity and with a well-organized structure. Our first step is Making a blueprint of business first and then customize software as per the customer requirement. We have used the following technology for Front end and Backend.

  1.   front-end development - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery etc.

  2.   back-end development - Mysql.

We also have expertise in Digital Marketing and running customized digital marketing plans as per the customers requirements.

Services includes:

  • Developing Business Plans
  • Integrated ERP Software
  • Integrated Ecommerce Solution
  • Support Maintenance Development
  • Logo Designing
  • Business Plan PPT
  • Web Hosting Cloud AWS Amazon Servers
  • YouTube Videos
  • Digital Marketing - SEO SEM
  • Content Writing
Why We?

Our goal is to optimise your businesses by tailoring our services to your requirements. We have a team of specialized developers best in the industry and quick in meeting deadlines

Pay for Success

We are focused on developing a strong Pay for Success field through market research and analysis.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We are providing you with optimal solutions best available in the market as per your needs.

As part of Application or Web Development, we first start planning process. In this process we understand customer requirements, do detailed discussions, identify key milestones, risks and process in which the development work would be started. We do complete profiling of development work based on customers requirement .

Detailed Steps:
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Creating Milestones
  • Identifying risks
  • Identifying Key stakeholders
  • Creating Project Plan
  • Creating Communication Plan etc

Based on customers requirement, we prepare a high level and low level design. Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document is used as an input and a system is designed i.e. architecture, components of the product are created and documented in a design document

Our select services include:
  • High-Level Design
  • Low-Level Design

Based on Designed document, developers start the structured coding process where they ensure that all customer requirements are completed as per the requirements. They also ensure Structured coding is followed and all database changes are documented properly

Our select services include:
  • Structured Coding
  • Creating Database
  • Documenting Table Structure

Once development work is completed, we follow unit testing and system testing which ensures that the least amount of issues are encountered at the time of user acceptance testing. In this process we do user acceptance testing with customer to ensure smooth roll out in production with live users

Our select services include:
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

This is the last step in which we ensure the support is given to the customers. In this process we ensure support model is created, user manuals are handed over, trainings are given to the users and support teams to ensure smooth business functioning.

Our select services include:
  • Creating Support Model
  • Creating User Manuals
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Customer support trainings