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CRM Software


"Customer Relationship Management" ( CRM), It refers to the efficient tool kit and the highly advanced technical support system that is used to enable excellent and optimal Custom Relationship Management ( CRM), Though it is self explanatory in itself. All you need to know is how to understand and embolden the system according to your personalization and comfort level of your organisation and potential customer’s base. We have commonly seen across various companies that they usually spend 8-9 hrs daily in replying, checking, confirming emails. But with the introduction of CRM software this hectic work will become easier and simpler. CRM not only assist you in your daily tasks but also simultaneously performs supportive tasks, for example: Allocation of task, Customer follow ups, initialization of the support once potential lead is converted in to the client etc. We all are aware of the benefits of Human bonding, public relationship and Network Marketing as they will behold the future of any organizations. Hence it becomes more quintessential to spend on development of Custom Relationship Management (CRM). You ought to be creative in making our Healthy, fruitful and productive engagements with your leads, clients, customers, staff, managers etc.

CRM is crucial and is critical in 21st century technology Webbed milieu. In organizations, business, enterprises creating and crafting a cohesive bond with existing customers gives you assurance that you don't have to run after them again and again for buying your brand. Your existing customer will definitely come back to you if he or she finds a regular and health public relationship from your company’s side. Have a wonderful connectivity with your customers increases the chances of relentless purchases made of your company brand whereas the first time buyer will walk away or perish if they are not catered or managed well with empathy and love. Also, customer is the king maker, you should always try your best in giving the best array of exuberant products that will increase your good will and loyalty towards the customer. Thus enabling novelty, loyalty and trustworthiness. The image of your brand is already well furnished and crafted In front of your customer. Their expectations will always be high and over the top from your brand so don't let them down. With continuously good relationship management, your clients will feel flattered thus advocating for you, making your business rising to prominence and permanence.

The most vital and daring task for a business is to retain and manage existing customers and acquire new customers simultaneously. And this is now possible only by "Tritan CRM Software".

"Importance of Tritan CRM Software":

  1. Business Process Automation: Using Tritan CRM software, you can automate almost any kind of business requirements. Tritan CRM helps an organization to streamline business processes. It standardizes and automates sales, marketing and service processes to reduce human error. It increases productivity, speeds up business processes and improves customer satisfaction.
  2. Better Lead To Customer Conversion Ratio: Tritan CRM tracks all customer interactions like when customer was last contacted, what was the outcome, best fit product based on customer feedback. Tritan CRM gives you all information that can turn the lead into customer. Definitely it will improve your Lead To Customer conversion ratio rapidly and smartly.
  3. Personalized Product Configuration: Tritan CRM helps organization to configure products for each individual. It allows customizing products as per customers’ requirement. Also it considers other factors like zone, country, industry, age group etc. Using Tritan CRM, business can define various rules like product compatibility & eligibility, validation, up & cross selling.
  4. Shorter Sales Cycle: Sales Cycle is the time that a company takes to close a deal. It starts when a salesperson first contacts with a lead and ends when the lead becomes customer.CRM with sales process automation helps salespersons to track and communicate with all leads. Tritan CRM helps to complete the sales process fastly and efficiently and effectively
  5. Customer Segmentation: Customer segmentation (also referred as market segmentation) is an essential business activity in product marketing. It breaks down customer and/or potential customers into smaller groups that share similar kind of characteristics. Segmentation could be based on many factors – buying pattern, geography, age, gender or any other custom rules. This helps business to reach more targeted customers and increase sales. Tritan CRM can help you a lot here. It captures and analyzes customer data, coming from various sources. And then it divides customers into groups as per business requirements. It helps organization to develop new product, set product price, run campaign and decide service methods.
  6. Campaign Management: CRM leverages the efficiency of marketing campaign by automating the process. A well defined marketing strategy with Tritan CRM helps business to get more qualified leads than traditional campaign. Tritan CRM reduces the campaign cost, analyzes campaign data and forecasts future marketing strategy.
  7. Social Media Marketing: Do you know how much word of mouth affects your business? 74% of consumers think that word of mouth is key influence in their purchase decision. Satisfied customers help to generate more leads and increase Tritan CRM helps an organization to increase customer satisfaction and novelty.
  8. Customized Escalation Matrix: It helps to response customers’ queries on time, increase sales, run campaign within budget. Tritan CRM is the best place where you can define your own escalation matrix and integrate with customer details.
  9. Task Management: Tritan CRM is not only for customer management but also employee’s management too It is very important to allocate and complete tasks within time frame and budget limits. You can automate task management process in Tritan CRM. It can create and assign tasks among employees based on their skill set, availability, geography etc. Business can set their own rules in Tritan CRM to manage tasks efficiently and effectively. Not only that, Tritan CRM maintains employee hierarchy and control data visibility also.
  10. Customer Communication: You can specify your own set of rules and regulations in Tritan CRM to automate customer communications. This reduces human errors as well as increases customer satisfaction.
Your customers will always remain delighted.

Implementation of CRM system:

  1. The information or data of the customers concerned is duly collected.
  2. The collected data is streamlined and processed accordingly.
  3. Only the CRM Manager of the company is authorized to access the data processed and mined.
  4. This collected data is analyzed, segmented and processed to understand customer’s behavior and purchasing knack.
  5. CRM enables you with suggestions, tool kits and business execution tricks to further help you to get close with your clients. All those organizations who are big multinational giant today have terrifically invested in large scale CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
Some well known CRM are Sugar CRM, Batch Book, Sales force and buzz stream.

Integration of CRM with tools :

  1. E mail marketing: It integrates with CRM. Examples - Zoho CRM integrated mail chimp.
  2. Social Media: It Integrates with CRM. Examples- Sending CRM making reports from social media platforms.
  3. Messaging Applications: It integrates with CRM. Examples- High level of customer services, It drastically reduces operational cost of Organisations. Hence increasing customer retention time.
  4. Telephony: It Integrates with CRM.

Killer Merits of "CRM software”!

Get Set Go!!!!!!!
  1. Provides enriched and extensive customer data.
  2. CRM solutions enables wonderful customer orientated products.
  3. We will optimize and multiply your customer’s conversion probability.
  4. The retention and cognitive attention of your clients will increase.
  5. We will be increasing your business reputation and good will.
  6. Reduces cost.
  7. Providing you the automation and interpretation of daily assigned tasks.
  8. Providing you with fast and robust growth environment for your brands, companies, employees etc.

Types of CRM solutions Tritan solutions Provides :

  1. Operational CRM - Sugar CRM, Sales force CRM, etc.
  2. Analytical CRM - Example- pipe drive
  3. Collaborative or cohesive CRM - Example - Vtiger, HubSport CRM, Zoho CRM ,etc.

Also, let us bring these broad points in your notice that CRM will not perform optimally under these avoidable circumstances:

  1. If you have a team that is not concerned and committed in maintaining authentication and exquisite nature.
  2. If you have hired a team that doesn't even know how to perform or use CRM dynamic analytics.
  3. If you have left everything on the shoulders of the CRM, and there is no genuine personalization in order to fix it with brand, business image.

All the above mentioned instances are avoidable then definitely your investment in CRM systems will pay off ! By choosing Tritan CRM software you will yourself see the boost in your business revenues. Once you will witness our CRM software you will surely be recommending it to your friends. Call us today for a free demo session.

Tritan teams of Dynamic and professional consultants will help you in guiding through the entire procedure of CRM software implementation and will explain you the entire gamut of successful CRM evaluation and selection made. By opting an informed and objectionable view, you can easily finalize CRM systems that best suits your current business model. Moreover, development team is able to predict the fate of “CRM software” that it will not only become main stream but also become a necessity in the near future.

how to design crm software

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CRM isn’t only the use of innovation, however, is a procedure to study clients’ needs and practices so as to create more grounded associations with them.CRM software is basically a software category that covers wide range of application designed specifically for helping businesses in management of processes such as; customer interaction, customer support, track leads, support vendors, marketing, and customer data etc.

CRM is simply indispensable in any type of business. A business thrives because of one thing – its strong relationship with its clients or customers. It is a good thing that we now have software like Suti CRM to manage this stuff.


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Answer: CRM software is basically a software category that covers wide range of application designed specifically for helping businesses in management of processes such as; customer interaction, customer support, track leads, support vendors, marketing, and customer data etc.

Answer: Operational CRM, Analytical CRM, Collaborative or cohesive CRM

Answer: CRM leverages the efficiency of marketing campaign by automating the process. A well defined marketing strategy with Tritan CRM helps business to get more qualified leads than traditional campaign. Tritan CRM reduces the campaign cost, analyzes campaign data and forecasts future marketing strategy.

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