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10 Benefits of Static Websites For Your Business In 2021 | Tritan Solutions|

Bhavna Singh

The primary benefit of a static website is that is very quick to develop. A professional web developer can develop a static website much faster than a dynamic website.


10 Benefits of Static Websites For Your Business In 2021

Definition of Static Website

As the name asserts, Static websites are websites or web pages that have constant contents, where the website is programmed with HTML code and can be easily accessed by the end-users. This category of the web page and the website are the normally selected category over often altering web content, as it takes minor maintenance steps comparatively.

To execute a Static Website, one needs to have a very fundamental coding understanding and effortless to work upon. It is generally utilized for websites with lower user traffic, as larger web applications require better high-quality maintenance to be executed occasionally.

How Static Website function?

The Static web pages are moreover named - "flat pages" or stationary pages. These web pages are entitled static because the page comprises constant items with fixed content placed on the web pages. Once the web page layout is modeled, there are dedicated spaces or page segments distributed for the steady contents to be placed on the page. This web page construction is commonly done utilizing the HTML description code, and the contents can be of any category, such as text, image, gif, video, audio, etc.

If you are still confused about going for a static one, then worry not. I’ve listed out all the major reasons why you should use static websites today! Buckle up, you are in for a fascinating ride in this blog guide !!

1. Security

As there’s no intermediary, i.e., the database involved, the danger of code injection is least for a static website. No plugins and dynamic software to host the website. Static websites are a stable bet as correlated to dynamic ones when it comes to security as they don’t depend on CMS plugins. APIs and JavaScript are utilized to regulate the dynamic functions of static websites, excluding the risk of getting hacked. On the different hand, active websites are highly liable to get hacked due to numerous content sources and plugins.

2. Reliability

  • You must have periodically come across an error message telling that, "The connection could not be established.’ This mainly occurs because of database blunders. Serving only basic HTML files makes it susceptible to host them anywhere with leniency like on a CDN.
  • Therefore, whenever there’d be an invasion on the server, the static website is only redirected to the different closest nodes, unlike its dynamic alternative where the website might go down for few hours.

3. Speed

The dearth of a middleman/database makes the static site much more quick and manageable to load. A static site is ten times quicker than a dynamic site that is created with a CMS. Another goal for a static website to operate faster is that it can be served from the node closest to the browser.

4. Hosting and Price

Static websites have fundamental HTML files which need less space making the hosting of these websites inexpensive than that of dynamic websites. Companies with static websites save up on expenses and channel those resources to combine Git or automated builds to integrate the latest modifications in the system.

5. Scalability

What to do when your website is ultimately live and operating? Handling vast traffic on a dynamic website might be an unwieldy procedure as it needs complex code playing on the server. Basic static websites with HTML files can be handily scaled up by only improving the bandwidth.

6. Technological Advancements

There was a time when online store websites would have to depend on dynamic websites for their company and combine those problematic coding and deal with boring scripting. With tools like Magento, it is logical to have a static website for shop-centric companies.

A Java-script-based shopping cart, named Snipcart, combines an e-commerce site’s functionalities with a static website, abolishing the requirement for dynamic websites. Snipcart dashboard can organize sales and product inventories, and its API can be incorporated with shipping service providers and inventory management software systems as well.

7. Time-saving:

The important benefit of a static website is that is very fast to develop. A skilled web developer can create a static website much rapidly than a dynamic website. For a startup company, a static website can conserve more time in developing and your company can be visible online.

8. Cost-efficient:

The development expense of a static website is comparatively lower than a dynamic website. There is no necessity for an outer database handling system like WordPress or Joomla in static website development. The pages comprise physical files and they are served rapidly from the server. If you are operating a small company, then a static website may be an excellent option for getting yourself an online presence with a restricted allowance for marketing.

9. Easy maintenance:

There is no requirement for any maintenance service for static websites. An individual can organize easily. These websites can be loaded rapidly because they are easy to design without too many interactive elements and with very few portions of markup content. Static websites have a few numbers of WebPages and a steady format for each page, they are more favorable for startups and small companies that need fewer WebPages. The static website will be a maintenance-free website for the company.

10. Ease of functionality control:

You can have your code built to develop the exact functionality that you need. You don’t want to function with the confines of a pre-programmed plugin. Pictures can be altered to any size or shape that relies on the look you are looking for. If you choose to add any sort of font to your website, you can do that easily.

Final Words -

Thus, it is prudent to say that static websites have made an amazing comeback and they are here to stay with more benefits than drawbacks. As a website is the digital face of the company, organizations must take into deliberation all the characteristics and requirements of their business website and must analyze all the new tools and platforms before making a website.
A thriving journalist and content writer as well, Bhavna has been closely associated with Tritan Solutions. She has completed her graduation in Electronics from prestigious Delhi University. She is currently heading the Marketing and Communication niche of Tritan. She is a cosmopolitan reader and believes in exploring the profusion of seamless opportunities that lie in exploring oneself . "Always be the HEROINE of your life, Not the victim"
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