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10 Hottest Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate in 2021


Yet mobile apps have the lowest abandonment rates. An eCommerce mobile app allows you to store customer information to their user profile.


Mobile phones have monopolized nearly every facet of life in the 21st century. With smartphones supporting us everywhere, it would not be mistaken to say that they affect how we function, enjoy life, and do online shopping. In current years, mobile commerce has picked up an extraordinary pace among millennials.

IT Professionals anticipate that mobile commerce will monopolize the eCommerce industry with 54% ($659 billion) in sales by the year 2021. Shares of mobile commerce companies  in eCommerce Industry – 2017-2021

As anticipated (based on various surveys and mobile eCommerce statistics), mobile traffic evolved almost as widespread as desktop traffic (this happened back in 2020 due to Covid Lockdown ).


That's why we've been intensifying the significance of mobile responsiveness to our customers for years. Presently, with more than half of all internet traffic shopping from a mobile device, it is incredibly crucial to make sure your website is prepared for mobile viewing.

Mobile technology is a major driving force in our daily lives. It has altered the globe around us in several crucial ways. Thanks to our smartphones, we immediately hold the world in our palms. From accessing nationwide and multinational news and flooded with entertainment/educational content in real-time to online shopping and regulating smart devices from remote locations – our smartphones can perform it all.


With smartphones and mobile app development supporting us everywhere we move, it has necessarily impacted how we execute our daily tasks, how we operate, and how we purchase and absorb content. The globe is more affiliated than ever since virtually everything is just a few taps away. Interestingly adequate, mobile technology is no longer restricted to subjective necessities. By enabling and connecting with buyers and sellers worldwide, mobile technology is entrusting companies of all shapes and sizes. This has provided the advent of mobile commerce in 2021.


What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile commerce, a.k.a. ECommerce, relates to the buying and selling of products and services by utilizing wireless handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. It enables buyers to engage with sellers in any corner of the globe for the online transaction of goods and services through mobile devices.


Mobile commerce has overstepped the eCommerce realm to develop creative services, comprising mobile money transfers, mobile banking, mobile marketing, contactless payments, in-app purchasing, digital wallets, and much extra. 


Advantages of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce has enabled us to take eCommerce bonuses and shopping experience to the successive level. Here are the greatly applicable advantages of mobile commerce:

1) eCommerce enables shoppers to shop whenever and from wherever they wish, given they have a mobile device and a credible Internet connection. The shopper experience is further strengthened by AR/VR technology and chatbots.

2) eCommerce provides a substantial omnichannel experience by trading and selling to customers through numerous channels simultaneously. Customers can select their preferred platforms to convey with brands and purchase from them.

3) Thanks to mobile payment solutions, shoppers now celebrate a broad spectrum of payment choices, comprising credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, payment gateways, etc.

4) Since mobile devices enable manageable and sharp accessibility anytime and anywhere, it evolves simpler for brands to strengthen existing customers and encapsulate potential buyers.

As we sit here in 2021, let's look at the trends that proceed to remake e-commerce in 2021.

• The fact is, it's presently and statistically much more plausible that eCommerce customers will be interacting with your website from a smartphone or tablet than a desktop. Equipped with this proficiency, you must develop a shopping experience that appeals to your shoppers.

• Mobile shoppers are fastidious, and rightfully so. With the highly competitive behavior of the eCommerce industry, your clients will not pause to purchase from your opponents if even the smallest headache arises while they shop from your website.


• Statistics exhibit that 40% of users will go to your opponent after a bad mobile experience, yet a disturbing 84% have encountered complications in completing a mobile transaction. That is an extremely high number, and it exhibits just how enormous the opportunity is for businesses to invest in consumer conversion just by establishing mobile responsive and user-friendly websites. It's one explanation is that of Amazon, which concentrated on making a simple shopping experience and was apt to increase a vast audience thus thrived across the globe.

mobli commerce trends


• Mobile commerce is helpful, both for dealers, as well as buyers. While for buyers, it implies comfort, for sellers mobile commerce guarantees sharper conversions and sales.

• According to a study, 70% of mobile searches result in an effort within an hour of the search. There are various additional advantages of mobile commerce including:

1) Enhanced customer experience

2) Better targeting and engagement owing to push notifications

3) Personalized content delivery according to shopping choices

4) Reduced cost of operations

With fascinating advantages and an extraordinary expansion trajectory, mCommerce is here to stay and rule the whole industry. But what trends and patterns will rule the mobile commerce arena.

Let’s have a glance at some of the fascinating mobile commerce trends for the coming prospect. Mobile Commerce Trends for the Year 2021 is -


1) Shopping via mobile apps will proceed to surge

As spoken of above, the shares of mobile commerce in the eCommerce industry will continue prospering with each passing day.

Already, the percentage of mobile commerce on big shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday has smashed all records. Mobile commerce was accountable for 66% of sales during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. With the heightened usage of mobile apps, the mobile shopping share will continue surging. Not only B2C, but B2B mobile eCommerce is also getting enormous and the industry is expected to 1.1 trillion in 2025


2) Rapid Loading Mobile Apps & Websites

Customer experience is everything in the digital realm. Users have a decreasing attention span and are quite anxious. The shifting consumer manner will give way to the advancement of fast-loading mobile apps and websites.

40% of users reject a page that takes more than 4-5 seconds to load. According to various industry studies, it has been founded that users tend to choose to buy from mobile apps that are sharp and fast to load. The sluggisher an app loads, the high are the chances of its abandonment by the users


3) Faster checkouts for higher conversions

Simple checkout alternatives will keep on influencing the conversion rates of eCommerce websites and mobile apps. Single-click checkout and payment via digital wallets enhance the customer’s buying experience, which eventually leads to extra sales.

If a mobile website or app has these choices, there will be tremendous opportunities that a user will end up buying from your websites.


4) Smart site search & navigation for boosted conversions

The simpler it is for customers to discover your brand products, the bigger are the chances that they will come out buying something. Mobile websites and apps will proceed to enhance the customer experience by facilitating navigation, developing dynamic product pages, and autocomplete details to search options. If a user can discover their desired product rapidly on a mobile commerce platform, he/she will buy therefore improving conversions and bottom line.


5) Buyers directly utilizing social apps for making purchases

Social commerce is the procedure of immediately selling something utilizing social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. With the coming of Instagram Shopping Posts in 2018, the entire social commerce and Instagram shots become flourished among Tue customers.

According to researches, 51% of millennials are extra likely to purchase products via social media. The social commerce trend will pick up momentum and influence the whole mobile commerce segment in the coming years, for sure.


6) Technologies such as AI, AR, and VR are the coming prospect of mCommerce in 2021

Innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will shape up new shopping experiences for mobile customers.

Using AI-powered smart shopping assistants, AR-based virtual shopping stores, and a host of other details, mobile commerce platforms can enhance the shopping experience which will direct to additional sales.

mobile commerce trends


7) Chats bots for instant response & promising lead  conversions

Live bots incorporated into the mobile commerce stores have substantiated to be a game-changer when it comes to conversions and customer services. By incorporating live chatbots in their apps and mobile stores, businesses would be glimpsed with shaping up decisions, enabling buyers to make investments easily, decreasing the likelihood of website abandonment.


8) Omnichannel techniques will stimulate sales figures

Omnichannel techniques will be delivering a seamless experience to the shoppers across various platforms, channels, and networks. For mobile commerce, this implies having a cross-platform application and a mobile website. Such techniques will improve and will steer to the composition of a holistic shopping experience in the coming prospect.

Omnichannel techniques keep customers hooked across numerous platforms, improving their likelihood of buying something from a mCommerce store. Tritan eCommerce solutions enable startups to acquire omnichannel techniques rapidly, which provides them a chance to enhance their sales earnings.


9) The advancement of Voice Search

Like every other business, voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant will moreover influence mobile commerce in the prospective years. Voice search is arising to be an increasingly prominent way for individuals to execute searches and even purchase something on-the-go using their mobile phones.

Voice shopping is anticipated to thrive to a level of $400 billion by 2022, from $200 billion at present. The changing dynamics and growth of voice search calls for a change in the conventional strategies. Unique eCommerce stores and mobile apps would have to entrench voice-activated commands and target voice searches to enhance their sales earnings in the coming prospect.


10) Mobile Image Recognition Technology

Mobile image recognition technology will alter the expression of mobile commerce in the prospective years. People will be apt to probe for products via image recognition technology on their mobiles. By just clicking an image or focussing a mobile camera lens on a product, mobile users will be sent to the shopping page of the respective product.

Mobile commerce applications have progressed an enormous following and businesses that are capitalizing on such apps because they:

A) Deliver  great  user experience,

B) Enable  tracking user behavior effortlessly through mobile analytics,

C) Give a personalized experience and product advice skillfully,

D) Give  direct communication with push notifications and open fresh marketing channels,

E) Elevate the experience of clients shopping brick-and-mortar stores thanks to technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR),

F) Take advantage of hardware characteristics that bring an even more personalized experience – for instance, by utilizing the customer’s real-time location.

mobile commerce trends

Conclusion -

It would be fascinating to glimpse these trends in 2021  molding our everyday shopping experiences, bringing them much more streamlined and promising every day. For the store owners, too, this would imply a boost in sales, resulting in a sophisticated ecosystem. The mobile commerce domain is going to glimpse an enormous transition from its current model with the expansion of advanced technologies and trends in 2021.

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