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10 Blogging Tools to Help You Write Better, Increase Traffic

Bhavna Singh

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Writing a blog can be difficult. There are moments when it can withstand like amassing considerable careers. Not only do you require to develop delicate, high-quality content, but you’ll also have a website to manage, social media posts to organize, and data to evaluate.

Having an adaptable suitcase of tools at your disposal can resist your blogging gig from evolving overwhelming great. There are explanations for the maximum of your day-to-day assignments, from layout to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and everything in line with each other. With all the probabilities to select from, you could expend weeks just rummaging through your alternatives. So we’ve accomplished the hard work for you. In this blog, we’ll enclose why you require smart and precise tools. Then we’ll document 10 gorgeous blogging solutions worth checking. Let’s deep dive!


Why You Require the Precise Blogging Tool Kits

As a new blogger, you’ll wish to discover tools that enable you to become extra efficient and profitable. For instance, finding out themes to blog about that your audience will adore can be complicated. The straightforward explanation can enable you to brainstorm notions and examine fresh corners you weren’t recently conscious of, recouping a huge amount of time in the procedure.


What’s better, there’s further to blogging than almost writing. You require to be certain people can find out and share your website. Accordingly, to maximize your reach, you’ll need to glance into blogging tools that allot your SEO and social media an improvement. This can fantasize for any absence of understanding or knowledge on your verge, and free up your awareness for your substantial content.

10 Incredible Blogging Tools to Help You Write Better, Publish More, and Increase Traffic in 2021

We’ve contended the case for retaining the good blogging tools at the inclined moment. Immediately, let’s explore 10 of the top alternatives for each of the additional components and discern what they can accomplish.

1) Research

2) Writing and Grammar

3) Project Management

4) Design

5) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

6) Site Management

7) Social Media

8) Video

9) Analytics

10) Marketing

blogging tools


Tool #1


Content creation expects plenties of research. You have to be careful when people are surveying for what you’re getting on to be jotting down about. You’ll furthermore require someplace to conserve notions and remarks.

1. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner home page.

Before you commence putting down a fresh blog post, you might need to make sure you’re utilizing words that people are surveying for. Google Keyword Planner can provide you with feedback on your possible keywords. This tremendous tool will enable you by exhibiting you how outstanding each chosen keyword is through search volume metrics. You’ll moreover earn some recommendations for additional relevant frames you may wish to utilize.

Tool #2

 Writing and Grammar

Well-written, distinct, concise content is important for a prosperous blog. Even the greatly obliging impressions will undergo without the good words to communicate them.

1)  Grammarly

Grammarly is a great writing tool. Even the powerful writer can boost from having an additional set of eyeballs look over their blog posts. Grammarly is just like having a skilled editor making recommendations to enhance your article and writing manner. Each time you unlock a fresh article in Grammarly, you can set objectives for its complexion, tradition, and objective. You’ll then earn feedback to enable you to strike those targets. Grammarly furthermore has a Chrome extension, so you can survey your emails and Google Docs as nicely.

One downside: Grammarly is presently only accessible in English. If you’re glancing for a multilingual grammar checker, contemplate Language Tool, which can review your writing in more than 20 speeches. It’s what our company wields to survey multilingual content.



Tool #3

Project Management

Blogs have a bunch of striding portions. Project management tools can enable you to dwell systematically, so your blogging responsibilities remain on track.

1) Asana

The Asana project management tool.

Asana encourages you to assemble a roadmap for your blog endeavors. You can council tasks to compose a project or allocate them into minor pieces. If you cooperate with additional writers on your blog, Asana is an influential tool for company management. You’re eligible to glimpse at a peek where each post is in your channel.


Tool #4


Beautiful visuals to complete your words are a crucial part of establishing branded, shareable blog posts. You don’t require to be an artist, but the exact tools can enable you to counterfeit it.

1) Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop website.

When you reckon of photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop possibly arrives in mind. Whether you’re touching up a stock snapshot or establishing a fresh logo, you can do it with Photoshop.

One exhilarating characteristic of this platform is that different characteristics are constantly being added. One of the in-demand is the object preference tool. You can sketch a rectangle around an object, and the selection fastens into a niche around it.

blogging tools

Tool #5

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has several characteristics that all require your scrutiny. The following tools can enable you to evaluate and optimize your blog’s content, so you’ll have a battle possibility for outstanding rankings in the digital space.

1) Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin.

If you have a blog on WordPress, you’ll possibly need to establish the Yoast SEO plugin. This tool renders optimizing each of your posts susceptible. For instance, you can provide Yoast SEO a keyphrase, and it will reimburse actionable guidance that you can utilize to enhance your post. The premium version can account for different aspects of that key phrase, encompassing synonyms and plurals.

Tool #6

Site Management

A user-friendly CMS can earn supervising your website considerably straightforward. When you pair that with credible and valid hosting, you’ll have a strong basis for your blog.

1) WordPress

The WordPress.org home page energies 87% of all sites on the internet, and for nice justification. This freely available, open-source platform is robust, adaptable, and boosted by an effective community.

One adorable characteristic for bloggers is the Block Editor. This editor makes it susceptible to establish extraordinary, affluent content, with no design or coding experience essential. The drag-and-drop interface creates it feasible to alter your content and test with several likelihoods.


Tool #7

Social Media

Dealing with numerous social media channels can create turmoil and the proficiency for blunders. To avert that, you can dwell on the prime of your social media plan with the assistance of these tools.

1)  CoSchedule

The CoSchedule plugin.

CoSchedule is the editorial calendar of your dreams. It can help you manage blog posts and get them onto social media platforms. CoSchedule’s Blog Calendar lets you see your scheduled blog and social media posts in one place. If you need to reschedule a post, you can just drag and drop it wherever you’d like. The calendar automatically adjusts the accompanying social media messages.

blogging tools

Tool #8


You may already include video on your blog, as it can increase the time visitors spend on a page. If not, these solutions can get you started.

1) YouTube

The YouTube home page.

You may already use YouTube to host your videos, but there’s more you can do with the platform. For example, did you know that you can live stream with YouTube?Live streaming is a fun way to connect with your audience and has been growing in popularity in recent years. It’s a great way to build a sense of community around your blog.


Tool #9


By maintaining an eye on your blog’s statistics, you’ll be eligible to discern where you can enhance. If you’re not a data analyst, you might comprehend some assistance in that department.

1)  Google Analytics

The Google Analytics website.

If you haven’t already installed Google Analytics on your blog, what are you pausing for? Its several tools will bestow you entry to the metrics you wish for operating a profitable blog. While your hosting provider may give you some traffic data, Google Analytics gives you a broad spectrum of volumes. Understanding where your traffic is reaching from will assist you to concentrate your endeavors on those channels.

Tool #10

Marketing Your Blog

Possessing promising content on the web won’t do you any nice if no one recognizes it genuinely exists. Luckily, you can get your blog in front of an additional audience with these tools.

1) Mailchimp

The Mailchimp platform.

There’s additional to email marketing than radiating an explosion whenever you disseminate a new post. Mailchimp enables you to compose your list and send out updates on time. No one needs to browse awful emails, but many appreciations go to Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop builder, you can make personalization and even amplify pictures and videos. Then, real-time analytics allows you to monitor how beneficial your marketing campaigns are.

11 Blogging Tools We design on the Tritan Solutions Blog

While all of the blogging tools on this schedule are outstanding, we have some darling tools we utilize for the Tritan Solutions blog itself. Here’s some excess love for the solutions that make our business so much manageable-

1) Google Docs: When it comes to the alliance, you can’t win against Google Docs.

2) Grammarly: Even the greatly mature writers forget an Oxford comma from moment to moment.

3) Language Tool: This is a helpful grammar checker if you require assistance in languages other than English. We utilize it for different language content!

4) MarketMuse: If you adore the content on our blog, we have to bestow some significance to MarketMuse.

5) WordPress: Like so extensively on the internet, we worship how simple WordPress is to wield. It is our favorite blogging tool!

6) Tritan Solutions Hosting: Not to glorify our niche, but we’re promising at this hosting aspect.

7) OptinMonster: No one needs to irritate their blog visitors with undesirable opt-ins, and we’re no irregularity.

8) Yoast SEO: We’re delighted with what we disseminate, and Yoast SEO enables guarantees that our blog content gets discerned by a bunch of visitors.

9) CoSchedule: Keeping an orbit of when and where we’ve disseminated our content is greatly simpler, appreciation to CoSchedule.

10) Canva: The one-click resize alternative for numerous social media channels is a blessing.

11) Google Analytics: We aim for Google Analytics to be safe we’re providing you additional of what you need.

If you’re not convinced where to commence, the above tools should commence you off on a good foundation.

blogging tools


Whether you require assistance in selecting a blogging platform, awareness affiliate marketing, or grabbing a WordPress composition, we can enable it! Subscribe to our monthly synopsis so you never skip Tritan blogs. Rectifying a blog on your own is a tough reading. Taking windfall of a few of the numerous blogging tools available can support you and can save some precious time.

Today, we’ve glanced at an extraordinary justification why you might need to capitalize on some blogging tools. If you’re almost getting commenced with your blog, you might experiment with Google Docs and Grammarly to keep your content composed and smoothed. If you’re willing to strengthen your marketing tactics, Mailchimp can provide you the verge you’re glancing for.

Prepared to establish those fresh blogging tools to operate? It may be a reasonable time to promote your hosting aid, to organize for all the fresh traffic you’ll be receiving. Check our organized Tritan hosting plans!

A thriving journalist and content writer as well, Bhavna has been closely associated with Tritan Solutions. She has completed her graduation in Electronics from prestigious Delhi University. She is currently heading the Marketing and Communication niche of Tritan. She is a cosmopolitan reader and believes in exploring the profusion of seamless opportunities that lie in exploring oneself . "Always be the HEROINE of your life, Not the victim"
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