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A Complete Guide to Email Hosting for Business - Tritan Solutions


Email hosting is a service that allows you to send, receive, and store emails on a server provided by a company.


A Complete Blog Guide to Email Hosting for Businesses

There are many independent email providers accessible that you could utilize for your company. While the suggestion of not paying a dime can make it tempting, these platforms frequently leave your email addresses looks amateurish. Worse, you could discover yourself dealing with restrictive characteristics such as restricted storage.

That’s where a responsible email host can be beneficial. Relatively than having the main address, such as your- "business@outlook.com", you can personalize it and utilize your domain rather. In this blog, we’ll take a look at almost what email hosting is, and why you should consider utilizing it. Then, we’ll deep dive into how you can create up your custom address with us at Tritan Solutions Hosting. Let’s get began!

A Short Explanation of Hosting Services

We understand that it’s tricky trying to comprehend the difference between each of the online services you require to deal with as a small company owner. This blog section will go over the 3 most typically utilized services and give a straightforward definition of each one.

Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Email Hosting

  • Web Hosting: Think of web hosting as what facilitates your website to exist and be discoverable in the digital world. This service helps your website and is liable for retaining its connection to the internet. Your web hosting service might moreover comprise a choice to activate email hosting, but you have to notify your hosting provider that you wish to do that.
  • Domain Hosting: This is one of the most rambling services involved in getting your company website up and fully functional. A domain is a distinct name, like Tritansolutions.com, that specifies your website. Getting your site online can just happen if you have a domain name registered for it.
  • Email Hosting: While it’s usually comprised of a web hosting package, email hosting is a different service that enables you to set up a custom email address and utilize it to send and receive emails. The email domain name you utilize will fit your website.

Brief Introduction to Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service that enables you to send, receive, and store emails on a server provided by an organization. Frequently, it comes with extra functionality such as folder creation, file transfers, and template usage. Various web hosts give email hosting as a supplementary service.

One of the most desirable qualities of email hosting over other free providers such as Gmail and Outlook is that you can establish your address up at your website’s domain. On top of that, this solution lends you additional supervision over your data and is frequently more valid than different platforms.

As a proud website owner, you likely already understand what web hosting is–after all, if you have a functional website, you have web hosting. You may not understand how web hosting differs from email hosting, though, or you may have speculated that they are the exact stuff.

Here’s how they differ?

  • Website hosting — is a service that provides the physical computer space (a server) essential for your website to ‘live’ on the digital space. It includes website files being stored on one or extra servers and making those files accessible to web browsers. Content that will be stored on the server comprises everything from software and apps to text and pictures.
  • Email hosting — is furthermore a service in which a hosting provider rents out server space– only these servers are utilized completely for email data.

Email hosting can be:

  • On the exact server that hosts your website data
  • With the same organization that hosts your website, but on a varied server
  • With an entirely different organization that exclusively oversees email hosting.

Utilizing a professional email address is crucial, for numerous reasons:

  • An experienced email address adds credibility and allows your clients to understand that you are a legal business.
  • An email address utilizing your domain name is extraordinary and remarkable.
  • A distinct company email enables you to stay organized and avert messing your personal and company tasks
  • A business email allows you effortlessly activate emails for new workers and deactivate emails (and access!) for former workers of the firm.

5 Advantages of Using Email Hosting

We’ve already briefly tickled some of the characteristics of email hostings providers. Still, that’s not where the advantages halt. Here are five advantages to contemplate.

1. Having Your Domain in Your Email Address Enhances Brand Consistency

In extension to making your email address look more experienced, integrating your domain could moreover enhance your brand consistency. One of the crucial characteristics of a powerful organization is the proficiency to be comprehended.

In different words, it can be a testament to your company if consumers can promptly engage your products or services with your name. This applies to your email as well. Eventually, having any inconsistencies in your branding can inhibit your endeavors at earning exposure and acclaim.

Similarly, having a solid brand character makes you more available to possible customers or clients. If they can’t readily convey with you, then you may skip out on conversions with them. That brings us to another important facet of email hosting: it enables you to easily organize numerous addresses. For example, you could have accounted for marketing, support requests, and common contacts. This way, customers can get in touch with the exact member of your firm.

2. Email Hosting Is Scalable and Can Grow With Your Site

Scalability is a significant characteristic of every aspect of your company. With an email server, you can have your requirements fulfilled both in a brief and long period. That could comprise dedicated customer assistance, increased storage power, or simply adding more addresses to your domain.

If you need your company or website to broaden in the future, an email host is one of the best choices for giving your main point of contact. Not only are plans usually scalable to your requirements, but they can transmit high-performance and layers of extra security.

Relying on your email host and plan, you may even be prepared to establish an unlimited volume of accounts. Whether you’re adding extra employee addresses or building new branches to your website, this can enable you to meet your company's thriving requirements.

3. You Can Boost the Security of Your Inbox

We briefly coated over the extra security that an email host gives, but the characteristics are worth diving into. With data violations drastically boosting in recent years, this is understandably the main priority for many.

Encryption can deter your emails from being thwarted and examined by parties other than the intended recipient of the mail. At some point, you’re possibly going to have to send susceptible data either internally to your company or clients, so this is a crucial security characteristic.

Once you’ve taken supervision of that, you’ll furthermore likely wish to set up comprehensive malware and spam filters. These can safeguard you and give peace of mind that your messages are safe to open and read.

4. Responsible Email Hosting Provides More Uptime

Another advantage is that you are likely to have assurances when it comes to uptime. Eventually, that can be a significant distinction between an email hosting solution. Certainly, uptime can be key for a thriving company concerning customer assistance as well as more team communications. For instance, if someone has a grievance that requires to be addressed rapidly, it must get to you straight away. Downtime could correlate to lost emails or delays in receiving significant data.

A profitable company flourishes on reliability, and that suggests being available when your customers and employees require you most. A quality email host is likely to give some sort of assurance that you won’t be let down or discover yourself in an awful situation.

5. Your Email Solution Will Integrate With Different Tools

Commonly, email hosting comes with a wealth of choices that can improve your workflow. For example, Mailchimp is a newsletter solution that can help various marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, Mailman, Sendiblu, and many more facilitate the management of newsletters and subscriber lists. With email marketing, however, a crucial player in many brands’ lead conversion processes, tools like these can be valuable. It’s thus prudent to contemplate what extra functionality an email host gives to round out your email arsenal. After all, a quality email hosting provider will make your life easier by lending you the tools you require to succeed.

How to create Up an Email Account With Hosting: A Demo

Setting up an email account after you’ve bought a plan with us is a vigorous procedure that can be achieved through cPanel. To create an account, scroll down to the Email section of any hosting site which gives a free demo to its users then click on Email Accounts:
  • Accessing email accounts in cPanel.
  • After you’ve worked that, click on the Create button:
  • Creating a new email account in cPanel.
  • Then, choose your domain from the Domain menu, enter a new email address in the Username field, a establish a password for your new inbox:
  • Completing details for a new email account in cPanel.
  • You’ll moreover want to choose how much storage this account should have. The choices will hinge on your email hosting plan.
  • Eventually, click on the Create button at the bottom to finish the procedure. This will navigate you back to your initial list of email accounts in cPanel:
  • A new email account is documented in cPanel.
  • Your account is now available to go. You can click on the Check Email button in cPanel to see your inbox.

Email Hosting alternatives

Now that we’ve explained email hosting and reviewed some of its advantages, we need to go over some choices you should look for when selecting a service. If your email hosting provider gives any of the following choices, you should contemplate taking benefit of them.

Online Archiving, Multiple mailboxes, Bundle Deals, Mailbox Storage, Room to accumulate Online archiving: Access to online email archives provides you a historical record of all your enterprise communications. Some assistance gives 5 to 10 years of backups that you can access rapidly via a login portal.
  • Multiple mailboxes: If you have a startup firm, you’ll need the proficiency to create mailboxes on the fly. Make sure that your email host provides you all the mailboxes you require to assist your operations.
  • Bundle deals: If you discover a service provider that gives web, domain, and email hosting in one single package, you can occasionally get better pricing than if you bought each service individually.
  • Mailbox storage: learn what your mailbox size limits are. A mailbox for a particular company needs to be able to stock huge files and big quantities of mail, so make sure that your mailbox storage applies to your desires.
  • Room to accumulate: You never know exactly how much email storage or how many mailboxes you’ll require with an online business. Having numerous email addresses can facilitate your business operations and enhance its image, but the email accounts will add up rapidly. Large email attachments will fill up your allotted depository space rapidly than you may predict. It’s crucial to select an email hosting provider that will be able to fulfill your necessities as your company grows.


While there are several free choices accessible for creating email accounts, the advantages of utilizing a premium service are comprehensive. You can scale your plan based on your current desires, and relish the high performance you anticipate from a top-tier leading host.

Let’s recap some of the advantages you can anticipate from utilizing an email hosting service:

  • You can enhance your brand consistency.
  • Email hosting can rise with your site.
  • Both your inbox and your data will be extra secure.
  • A reputable email hosting service will provide you extra uptime.
  • Different tools can be incorporated into your email solution.
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