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Third-Party APIs: What You Need to Know - Tritan Solutions


By using a third-party integration platform, you save your company time from having to not construct their integrations.


• Advantages of utilizing third-party APIs in your Online E-commerce Business

Today, no organization ever creates software from scratch. And though extraordinary suggestions are executed in extraordinary ways, additional functions and assisting the core characteristics are usually rescued.  Such reuse is feasible through APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, which enables the customers in utilizing numerous functions in different software.

One of the extensively prominent examples of API usage is Google Maps. Almost every application that requires location or positioning tasks will most possibly integrate Google Maps. Taxi applications, hotel booking aggregators, restaurant finders, e-commerce service marketplaces – all of them will have that Google Maps window or an Exhibit on map link in their interfaces.

In brief, APIs enables customers to use incredible stuff made by somebody else in your for your website. You are not required to create your maps when you can utilize what Google made and has been experimenting and enhancing for years. You do not require to develop your user registration form when you can utilize registration with Facebook or Google accounts. That’s how APIs functions.

• Third-Party Integration

It can be explained without suspicion that web solutions altered the world tremendously and also gave us infinite business likelihoods. Nowadays every domain of life needs an app or a website. It has become er than ever for both startups and competent entrepreneurs to penetrate the digital market and e-commerce, thus attaining the attention of possible shoppers.

  And while some entrepreneurs may pay to invest plenty of wealth in developing a high-quality app and waiting for a specific interval till it’s published, startups have to proceed with the development rapidly due to restricted time and allowance. And this is precisely when third-party integrations come as more portable. So let’s discover all particularities of third-party integrations and glimpse if they are the best companions when it comes to creating a credible web application.


• Comprehending 3rd-party integration

In common, the word ‘third-party integration’ implies the addition of essential external data to an existing program utilizing various APIs (Application Program Interfaces). Due to the third-party APIs, the web developers can create a new solution in a briefer period, utilizing already existing elements rather than developing a code for new ones from the beginning. For instance, if you need to develop an app for ordering some foods or e-commerce goods online, you may require an automated chatbox within it. So rather than developing a new chat interface, the innovators can just take a usable API and combine it into your solution. It’s as easy as that!



1) Uber is possibly a greatly well-known app that is created utilizing various API integrations. It utilizes Google Maps for navigation, Braintree for payment procedures, and Twilio bot for chatting. It processes faultlessly and can be named as the prime solution in the passenger transportation category.

No wonder third-party integrations appear so alluring. But although they can improve output considerably, they have a flipside that should not be ignored. If an app is created utilizing way too many third-party integrations, this can result in huge complications in its execution in the prospect. The quality of the operations is what characterizes its prosperity and applicability, so it should not be relinquished at any cost.


We will retrogress to the same  question regarding the difficulties that are usually encountered n    APIs integrations a bit later in this blog, and now let’s point out some of their advantages :


1) Quicker outputs in a limited period

 As it was spoken of before, third-party integrations enable your web developers to save time extensively. The months that could have been spent on coding are reduced and the focus is more on,  also time and energy is spent on integrating. This leaves sufficient time for other significant procedures of the development cycle.

2) Lower expenses.

You can cut down expenditures on man-hours. If you conserve money, you can capitalize it later into enhancing your app by adding some distinctive elements to it. Thus you can begin with a minor and yet beneficial project and make it more pleasing for your users which will appeal to your audience nicely.

3) The Promising features Of APIs.

By using third-party integrations you can add the best feasible characteristics to your app. Many firms are real specialists in a specific field and their solutions are greatly impeccable. If your web developers utilize their APIs, you will avert many excessive challenges of app production.

third party Apis

•Major Difficulties Encountered In APIs

It may be extremely alluring to glimpse that API takes fewer efforts to be performed by web developers in delivering the insured projects, in the end, still, you should be prudent and take into account all possible precautions while deploying APIs in your website. Too many third-party integrations can make your website unsuccessful and make you capitalize on it even more than you intended to do. Your web app can face various crucial problems after being on the market for some time. And here is what can happen:

1) Your app infrastructure can become turbulent.

The external dependencies that are utilized for the critical service of your app can be boosted by APIs. Also, keep in mind that can become a crucial obstacle when you will attempt to pull the customer data from the API providers, particularly when they all have various rules, regulations, and service-level agreements.

2) You may be exhorted to invest more wealth while deploying APIs

There might be a Situation when an API provider concludes to alter the API or data policy happen quite frequently. This causes a problem when API requests cannot function appropriately and bring back the anticipated outcomes and the app itself or its specific options become non-functioning. This harms the smooth user experience. Besides this, to fix such problems you will have to seek web developers' help and pay him huge cash for it.

3) You don’t select but simply deploy offered technology.

The providers of third-party integrations manage to take into account the necessities of their narrow audience and do not indicate flexibility when it comes to your subjective necessities. Thus, their APIs may not inevitably be an excellent fit for your project and you will have to jeopardize your prerequisites (both functional and technological).

• If you contemplate adding third-party integrations to your web app keep in mind these 3 monetary aspects:

1) The more integrations you wish to add, the bigger will be the definitive expenditure of your project. It is simple to elucidate this dependency: a massive project needs more tech-related takes. So if you price code quality, you will need to employ the best developers able to use all required third-party APIs and make them function collectively like a charm. 

2) Third-party integrations need extra holistic testing. This implies that you will require to hire qualified testers to examine the compatibility and interaction of your app and provider’s API.

3) Execution of technically complicated APIs will need continuous and reliable maintenance too. So get ready to spend excess money  on the essential features in an API 


It is an open API that can be utilized by any software developer. Such APIs are disseminated and willingly accessed on the  Internet.


API serves for ascertaining the association between 2 different apps, while Web service cultivates interaction between 2 machines over the network.


API testing needs checking of API itself and how it executes after being combined (whether it meets functionality, execution, and security requirements).

• To integrate or not to integrate?

Always attempt to make a logical decision and assess all financial threats and advantages before selecting to utilize third-party integrations. The fundamental guidance we would provide you is to question the requirement and reasoning of a particular integration for your app and always take into account your target audience. Because, after all, the major objective of your web application is to make the user experience great, not more tricky.

• For online E-commerce companies, APIs bring a broad spectrum of advantages enabling websites to bring new shoppers, making your brand more productive, and stimulate more sales. So Let’s glance at some of them in brief.

1) Shorter time-to-market

This one may relatively get on with “no comment”. By utilizing third-party APIs, a company saves all the time that is required to develop, improve, and execute the functionality that is given by the API created by some different engineering team from other organizations

Of course, arranging a third-party module in your product expects specific integration duties, but when it comes to time, utilizing an API is much more beneficial. At a similar moment, while utilizing third-party API comes at a price that can be somewhat balanced by your expense savings from not utilizing your development team and their power to build similar functionality.

2) Enhanced  user experience

When we talk about user experience, the advantages are multi-layered. On the one hand, by utilizing a third-party API, your company will be able to concentrate on its core functionality and make it completely incredible. On the different hand, you can be optimistic that the integrated features will perform with their maximum efficiency.

3) Added value for the company

APIs bring extra functionality which boosts the value proposition of your company. For your users, the comprehensive package of services you give becomes more useful when it is improved with productive third-party software. Also, as we already explained, a ready-to-use API of some third-party firms conserves your time for the development of extra elements that will make your websites even better All this suggests that with third-party APIs you are earning more value and robust benefits at a lower expenditure.

third party Apis

4) Timely software updates

Like any different software developer, API providers revamp their products from time to time. If you are utilizing an API, one of the tremendous things is that any updates that the provider releases will be applied to your website, or product, too. You only have to set up the automatic inspection for updates, and that’s it. Moreover, all updates made by the API provider will go through all the critical tests and can be utilized effortlessly and safely.

5) Customization and flexibility

Most third-party APIs and SDKs are intricate products with dozens of characteristics enabling them to accomplish many of the related company objectives. At the exact time, for the majority of API users, only specific features are applicable while others are not required right now or at all. When utilizing an API or SDK in your product, you can choose only the features that you require and configure them by your business objectives.

Conclusion -

When developing an online store or marketplace, you must reckon from a wide perspective through the entire system of business procedures. At the development phase, you need to determine which services your aids are going to function on your website and consider numerous third-party integration alternatives. How and what will you utilize to optimize or facilitate the various operations of your web platform?

The task isn’t simple and expects a comprehensive discussion.

Tritan Solutions gives a detailed API and SDK enabling rapid and easy integration of full-featured chat functionality in your online website. We have spent 10 years developing and testing our product, and now we are 100% confident that with Tritan Solutions you will get precisely what you anticipate from advanced chat software. Read our API documentation and contact us for a thorough discussion of how to make a custom real-time chat to your websites. Do you require a team to assist you with 3rd party integrations? then contact us today

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